Wrekonize Tames Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" Beat

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Wrekonize ... He won't smash your abuelita.
You don't want to let former teen idol and current rage monster Chris Brown get too close to your abuelita. All it takes is one question about C. Breezy's personal life and that 78-year-old bitch is getting smashed like the windows at Good Morning America.

But you can trust local mike mangler Wrekonize. Sure, he might be a maniac in the studio. (Example: Today's filthy freestyle over Diplo and Afrojack's beat for Brown's now-ironic single "Look at Me Now.") But take him to abby's house and he instantly turns into a nice, mild-mannered young gentleman. He'll pour tea. He'll eat cookies. He'll even tidy up his verses a bit.

See the cut to download dirty and clean versions of Wrekonize's "Look at Me Now" freestyle.


Download: Wrekonize's "Look at Me Now" Freestyle (Dirty)

Download: Wrekonize's "Look at Me Now" Freestyle (Clean)

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Love this, yeah Breezy might've not gotten the best press lately, but his album is #1 on the charts and that shows for something. I love F.A.M.E. and I love that it inspired this dope freestyle. Give the album a chance if you haven't yet

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