2 Live Crew Pop That Porno Pussy at Exxxotica Miami Beach 2011

2 Live Crew's Brother Marquis dives face-first into that coochie.
2 Live Crew
Exxxotica Miami Beach 2011
Miami Beach Convention Center
Saturday, May 21, 2011

Better Than: Your average hit-and-run humpdown.

Running 20 minutes late for their booty call at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 2 Live Crew's Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis finally rolled out onto the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network-sponsored main stage in the company of five bikini-clad porno chicks.

All set to get down, Kid and Marquis popped a CD into the DJ deck and promptly proceeded to "Pop That Pussy" while their hand-selected crop of half-naked 2 Live Crew backup dancers lined up to shake ass, wink, hump each other, play innocent, and whip this porn party into a sex coma.

And it didn't take long for shit to get weird ... After a mid-track stutter step, the Crew ripped back into "Pop That Pussy." But Marquis was too busy to handle his part. Why? Well, he was diving face-first into some coochie, performing (fake?) fellatio on a peroxide blonde babe.

Still feeling up on his blonde, Marquis kicked off "Hoochie Mama," howling out "Big booty hos!" and "Hoodrat!" Meanwhile, Fresh Kid Ice was just playing it cool, slouching around the stage, smiling, and pointing his mike at every squatting ass he spotted.

After "Hoochie," though, the Crew's 15 minutes were almost up. So Kid invited everybody out to the club. ("We got so much shit to do. But later, we gonna party all night long with the AVN crew and shit.") And Marquis got it going one last time with a little game of call-and-response: "All the fellas, I wanna hear you say ... Hey! We want some puss-ay!"

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Porn pros and the horny nerds who love them.

Overheard in the Crowd: "I lost my V-card to this shit on a sofa in a foreclosed condo."

Random Detail: There were too many dudes in the crowd. And when Fresh Kid Ice called out, saying, "We want some ladies out the crowd to come up here and join us!," the whole crowd just shrugged.

2 Live Crew's Set List:
-"Pop That Pussy"
-"Hoochie Mama"
-"We Want Some Pussy"

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Location Info


Miami Beach Convention Center

1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL

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Morgan Irvine
Morgan Irvine

he says that it was fake...but i dont think so


It aint 2 Live Crew without Luke!


 VULGAR! so nice to know my kids can look this dumb shit up.. 


2 Live Crew rocked it when is the new album coming out ??

Sean Pajot
Sean Pajot

 Like I said over on Facebook: "Hey, Tammy. The Parents Music Resource Center and the vulgarity police are hiring. Apply!"

Morgan Irvine
Morgan Irvine

soon....new single BOOM with E-40 is pretty hot

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