Clones and Pepto Bismol Pools: Nicki Minaj's New "Super Bass" Video Is a Weird Wet Dream

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Nicki the Lizard Queen straight from the Pepto Bismol pool.
You've probably already seen Nicki Minaj's new video for "Super Bass" ... In your weirdest, wettest dreams.

Here's a quickie breakdown: (1) Nicki and five clones engage in cute choreographed humping while dressed identically in pink wigs, shredded cutoffs, and candy-colored Doc Martins; (2) Ms. Minaj goes all Lizard Queen in a scaly ass-less swimsuit, frolicking with a bunch of beefcakes in a Pepto Bismol pool; (3) Girl grinds all over a motorcycle made of ice; (4) Looking like a possessed Chaka Khan who's planning to drink your blood and do strange things to your corpse, Nicki doles out lap dances in some black-lit backroom.

So yeah ... This vid makes virtually no sense. And our brain won't let us say we actually like it. But other parts of our anatomy are reacting in a very weird, wet way. Let's call it "involuntary approval."

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Nicki Minaj is setting her way to success... she is one of the best Musicians ... i think she is gonna be the best female rapper of the world

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