Five Blazingly Insane Lyrical Moments From Odd Future's Tyler the Creator

That crazy rapping bastard from Los Angeles, Tyler the Creator, is dropping Goblin next week, and subsequently popping Odd Future's commercial crossover cherry.

For music snobs, May 10 will forever be known as the day Tyler sold out and selfishly whored himself to an indie music label powerhouse, XL, in return for shit residuals on a $11.99 iTunes Deluxe Edition download.

Until Goblin, each of Odd Future's 12 releases have been free. Everything from Tyler's Bastard to Earl Sweatshirt's Earl, Hodgy Beats' The Dena Tape to Domo Genesis' Rolling Papers is available sans price tag, and totally disproves that stupid you-get-what-you-paid-for idiom. Those albums are dope.

Come May 10, however, we'll have to make a decision to either (a) fork over twelve bucks, (b) illegally download Goblin, or (c) jump off the Odd Future crazy train. Thankfully, Sweat Records' Jason Jimenez is hosting a Goblin listening party this Thursday at the Vagabond, so we'll get a quick listen before it's really time to take sides.

But if we had to choose right now -- cards on the table, gun to our head -- we'd pony up the loose change for Goblin. As far we're concerned, Odd Future is the future. They're not a fad, nor a horrorcore gimmick; they're a legitimate group of talented street kids with a shit-ton of promise, and deserve all the mainstream attention they're generating.

If Tyler's previous tracks are any indication of what to expect on Goblin, then brace yourself for an undeniably twisted foray into the fascinating mind of an undeniably twisted artist. 

Check out some of Crossfade's favorite lyrics from Tyler's past.

Lyrics from "Splatter"

So the fucking school suggested me a therapist/I confessed being atheist, they said I was possessed/by a demon 'cause I want to see a bitch infested/with my seamen and oppressed by my give-a-fuck-less

The school's suggestion to see a therapist is a way of telling Tyler, "there is probably something wrong with you, weirdo." Naturally, the therapist assumes Tyler's possessed by a demon after learning he doesn't believe in God. After all, anyone that doesn't believe in God is fucked up, and clearly has a demon inside them.

Well, the joke's on the school counselor. For an atheist, demons and God are no different than leprechauns and unicorns. Tyler is not possessed; he's just a little different.

Lyrics from "Session"

I'm Tyler, Mr. Green Hat, pro-abortion anti-clean rap/Fuck your blog opinion and your feedback/My self-respect I leave that, in the lost and found/where the black girls get their weave back  

Like it or not, Tyler's down with abortion and profanity, much like ____ blog is down with ______ artist. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter; it's just an opinion. And like a weave, some are better than others.

Lyrics from "Tina" 

Eat my ass, lick my balls/Bitch I'm at the fucking mall/with my niggas eating ham/Bitch I got that fucking swag/you don't know my fucking dad

Simple, in-your-face rhymes that make us giggle can also reveal a lot about a person. Tyler's rapped plenty about not knowing his father, even named his first album Bastard. So when he spews gratuitous rhymes about salad-tossing and nut-licking, it's funny. But it's also a subtle, subconscious reminder that Tyler's lack of a filter is the result of not growing up with a male role model to teach him right and wrong when speaking to a lady, Tina.

Lyrics from "Bitches Brewin'"

You like my songs, I like your tits/but deep down I don't really like you bitch/you got a nice tongue and you wear a nice thong/but bitch you dumb as fuck from right from wrong

Tyler's talking about a 26-year old divorcee that took his virginity in the song, and struggles with the fact she's not his type, just simply "a stand for this night."

Lyrics from "French"

Yo, I'm seventeen, already sniffing blow/I tell my friends it's asthma every time I start to itch my throat/I got a new show for MTV, Pimp my Boat/Because some bitch said my semen was dirty, that's silly ho

Compared to the rest of Odd Future, Tyler's on another level. He's older, and because of that, he's forced to lie about his recreational drug use. He doesn't want his young, impressionable followers to follow in his dangerous footsteps, which is sweet. Also, white is mad expensive, yo. He keeps that shit on the DL so none of his hoodrat crew steals his shit. 

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Odd Future is unique and talented , but those kids are fucked up. A 17 year old boy losing his virginity to a 26 year old woman is terrible up....................because it's child molestation.  That's why he raps about killing and rapping woman. I don't think it's a joke or funny. Just sad. and that syd the kyd............girl. I've caught some snippets of Odd Future in the past few weeks and I don't blame Earl Sweatshirts mom for sending him to boot camp. That child needed help too. They're a creative collective but at the end of the day violence get old.


Dude, please stop writing about Tyler and Odd Future in general. You're a dick rider who probably didn't listen to them until the day after their Fallon performance, and have a severely limited understanding of their material.

Here's an idea - Go write about SpaceGhostPurrp or something that's from your own backyard and you can probably understand/grasp a bit better instead of trying to catch up with West Coast trends that started years ago. Here, I'll even include a little link for you!


The semen* has been cleared up. And Rob, don't take everything so literal, dude.


hahahaha this is the worst break down of his songs i have ever read. the breaks in the lyrics, the spelling of semen and the idiotic way you try to explain the lyrics are retarded. you didn't even choose five "blazingly insane" excerpts. this is horrible


you clearly have NO fucking clue wat your talkin bout..."He's older, and because of that, he's forced to lie about his recreational drug use. He doesn't want his young, impressionable followers to follow in his dangerous footsteps, which is sweet"...hes fuckin straight edge you idiiot. these are clearly the only 5 songs other than yonkers youve ever fuckin listened to


i agree with alot of what u say and i can tell u listen to alot of OF but........ SATAN 666!!!!!!!! SWAG!!!!!! FUCK STEVE HARVEY!!!!!!!!!! FREE EARL!!!!!!!!!! KILL YOURSELF!!!!! BITCH FAGGOT CUNT SLUT TITS CUM GUZZLING GUTTER WHORE ASSFUCK POOSTABBER!!!!!!!!!


I am just ready for them to die down. Everything I read on the internet these days is about Odd Future. That's what made me check them out.

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