Five More Bizarre Dance Styles of the 21st Century

Move it like Berney!
Crossfade loves a good laugh at the wonderful, weird range of human expression.

Hence, last week's deep anthropological studies on the phenomena that are these five crazy dances. Or the amazingness that is Mexican tribal guarachero and its related fashion.

But that was just scratching the surface in the contemporary world of strange bodily movement. Here are five more bizarre dance styles of the 21st century.

5. Perreo
Alright, "perreo" is more or less a catchall reggaeton-era term for dirty dancing. Yes, the word is related to "perro" or dog. Or, more specifically, doggy style. Get it, because the girl dances with her rear to the male partner's crotch. In the midwest, this thing is probably shocking. But if you grew up in Miami, it ain't no thang, just another day at the club. Well, when it's done between consenting adults. When teens or children start perreando, especially for the amusement of grown-ass adults, things just get weird, creepy, and flat-out gross.

4. "Moving Like Berney"
We're pretty sure this is not, despite the YouTube label, an actual major "dance sensation." We think it's more like, "This struggling rapper thought he would come up with a gimmick and call it a sensation in an attempt to catch on for five hot Internet minutes." It's also based on a misspelling. The "Berney" in question is really "Bernie," the dead star of the Weekend at Bernie movies. So yes, that means the dance is meant to mimic the flopping of a dead body being taken on wacky adventures.

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mega scared of aggrotechers filmin at my local playground. thanks for all the new lingo and moves of this article

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