Lady Gaga's "Judas" Video Leaked UPDATED

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Lady Gaga and Hey-sous.
Hype is a bitch.

When word spread that Lady Gaga's "Judas" video would contain an infinite number of Biblical references, everyone started with the "Like a Prayer" comparisons. And you can't blame 'em, Gaga. You've given snarky bloggers plenty of ammunition to justify the Madonna juxtaposition.

So color us disappointed if the leaked video for "Judas" -- which was set to debut tonight on American Idol -- doesn't exactly live up to "Like a Prayer" standards.

Sure, it has all the Gaga staples like crazy clothes, easy-to-imitate dance moves, hairstyles fit for a drag queen. But when it comes to the Christian controversy, it hardly says anything about religion, except using Jesus and Judas as a metaphor for good and evil. All the other cliches sort of fall into place.

"Like a Prayer" had interracial romance, a black Jesus, and burning crosses! "Judas" is pretty but hardly memorable.

Though our fantasy of Lady Gaga stoned to death plays out quite nicely. (Sorry for the spoiler.)

If you want to catch a glimpse of the 5-minute video, be quick, because Interscope Records is moving quickly to contain the leak. However, Gawker seems intent on keeping it up. Update: Sorry, kids. Gawker took the video down, but you can watch it tonight on American Idol at 8 p.m.

Update x2: Seems like Interscope Records couldn't control the ravenous appetite of the interwebs. Full video released now available on Vevo. See below.

Rumor is there is a second version of the video that will air E! News Daily tonight, as well.

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In order to be compared to Madonna you must exude SEX; there is nothing sexy about GAGA; they are both talented in their own right. The video is like watching a John Galiano vs. Alexander McQueen cat walk; and I mean that with the most respect.


For someone that doesnt like Gaga, you surely write a lot about her. All bullshit aside, she is what she is and you dont like her, we get it.


I think the video is great. Whoever wrote this article should be stoned. The purpose of journalists is to provide information WITHOUT their own biases!

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

Apparently you haven't heard of music criticism, an integral part to music journalism. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid buddy.


rock on. can't stand this bitch

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