Lex One and the Ex-Vice Prez Get Pimp for "Dick Cheney" Music Video

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Cheney: Locked, loaded, and ready to pop off.
Everybody knows that former Vice President Dick Cheney is old, sick, and possibly evil. But is he a pimp?

Yes, indeed. And despite the fact that Cheney is a 70-year-old end-stage heart failure case who's contemplating a transplant while being kept alive by a battery-powered device that helps feed blood to his brain and the rest of his withering wrinkled carcass, he found time to make an extended cameo in Miami-bred rapper Lex One's new music video for "Dick Cheney."

As Lex says: "I be bustin' something like Dick Cheney when he's huntin'." Check the cut to see the ex-Vice Prez's pimp strut.

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