Steve Berke Releases His Mayoral Platform Via a Bruno Mars Parody Video

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Despite the fact that comedian and Miami Beach mayoral hopeful Steve Berke reminds us of all those cheesy South Beach bottle-poppers we try to avoid at all costs, we were down with most of his platform: legalization of medicinal weed, full rights for gay couples, and, importantly, the right to party "till 5," which the Beastie Boys have been fighting for since 1986. But then we discovered where Berke stands on one of the most critical issues of our time ... Bruno Mars.

His latest campaign video features the mayoral candidate crooning his platform to the tune of "Grenade" while rocking a fedora and other generally douchey attire, and encountering bikini-clad protesters concerned about potholes. If we're to believe this footage, it appears he might be pro most-annoying-song-in-the-universe. Dammit, Steve, why couldn't you be found canoodling with a Tea Party activist who hates happiness and baby animals?

See the video after the cut.

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he is going for something he believes is a good idea and standing up to everyone trying to keep him down! more power to his campaign, lets see what he thinks of the real issues though

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