Six Musicians Pelted by Random Junk in Honor of the "Asshole" Who Ruined Odd Future Show

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Odd Future had to cut their May 16 Detroit show short when "some asshole decided to continue to throw GLASS BOTTLES [sic] on stage." The incident happened shortly after the "I'm opening a church to sell coke and Led Zeppelin" line from Tyler the Creator's Bastard track, "French."

Not surprisingly, Odd Future's 20-year-old captain swore that the "next nigga (to) throw the motherfuckin' bottle (will) get beat the fuck up." As expected, a second bottle was thrown on stage, and Tyler responded by taking his shirt off and taunting audience members.

YouTube subscriber TheRealChirsBrown posted a video of the incident, which he described as "a very unfortunate event." Then Odd Future embedded the video on their Tumblr page with an explanation of what went down and blamed "one guy" for ruining the Detroit show "for all the kids who've waited for so long for the Gang."

Rapping about rape and murder is all fun and games until someone (almost) gets hurt.

Just for LOLZ, Crossfade's gathered some videos of other artists that have been pelted with everything from rocks to beer bottles. Check 'em out after the jump.

6. Odd Future
This week's bottle throwing fiasco wasn't Odd Future's first. While Tyler performed "Yonkers" at the Fader Fort in Austin during SXSW this past March, the rapping target was pelted in the shoulder by a green bottle. While he managed to keep his shirt on, Tyler did call for the culprit to "man the fuck up," but nothing manifested.

5. Nickelback
Crossfade doesn't condone throwing anything at any band unless that band is Nickelback. Orbigado, Portugal.

4. Panic at the Disco
Okay, Crossfade doesn't condone throwing anything at any band unless that band is Nickelback or Panic at the Disco.

3. Pitbull
That's fucked up, people. Nobody disrespects Armandito, yo. That's Mister 305.

2. Chingy
Chingy got hit right thurrrr in the shoulder, and said, Fuck it, the show must go on, just like a G.

1. Justin Bieber
Sorry, Biebs. We threw that one.

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hey any list of things being thrown on stage is not complete without Mike Pattern from Faith No More, pouring a bottle of crowd pee on his head. 

James Smith
James Smith

When the performers are a bunch of no-talent rappers, what do they expect?  Their act is about violence and hate, so it's no surprise that someone realized they have paid money to hear  stupid garbage and get;s pissed off about it. 


 everyone on this list deserved it. gotta give the chingy guy some credit. at least he has the right idea.

Wack Future
Wack Future

 Well Odd Future keeps throwing the people crappy music it's only natural they get bottles thrown back at them.....I mean seriously, this is some pretty shitty music.

 i can't believe this article failed to mention Tila Tequila at the Gathering of the Juggalos 

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