Spam Allstars Celebrate Ten Years of ¡Fuacata! at Hoy Como Ayer

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Do you remember where you were ten years ago?

If it was a Thursday night here in Miami, chances are pretty damned good that you were making your way to ¡Fuacata!, a hot new party at La Pequeña Habana's Hoy Como Ayer. And if you weren't heading to ¡Fuacata! to check out Spam Allstars, you were no doubt hearing about it.

To see it for yourself, you knew what all the buzz was about. Everyone crammed into that small space on Calle Ocho as it turned to standing room only, people happily grinding into one another, like puppets, helpless to resist the infectious rhythms pulling their strings.

It was a great sea of bodies, pitching and surging with the tide of the music coming from the deft hands of the band onstage.

And the ensemble that made those parties the place to get your groove on back in 2001 still fills Hoy Como Ayer every Thursdays night in 2011, as ¡Fuacata! celebrates its ten-year anniversary.


That's a decade of celebs -- like Prince, Mick Jagger and Ricky Martin -- popping in to party. That's a decade of Spam Allstars creating singularly cohesive free-form jams and seemingly endless descarga. That's a decade of furious getdown.

Here's to you, Spam Allstars. Happy Anniversary!

Spam Allstars' ¡Fuacata! Ten-Year Anniversary. Thursday, May 19. Hoy Como Ayer, 2212 SW Eighth St., Miami. The party starts at 11 p.m. and cover costs $7 at the door. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-541-2631 or visit

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Hoy Como Ayer

2212 SW Eighth St., Miami, FL

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This is the best party that ever existed in MIAMI! Long live SPAM!

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