Ten Tracks No Freestyle Mix Cassette Should Be Without

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Remember the days of freestyle? Ah, a simpler time with much more complicated ideas about what constituted good style. But just try to tell us that you didn't think you were the absolute shit back in the day when you were rocking a teja and some Z. Cavariccis with a Members Only jacket and a pair of Capezios.

But the freestyle era wasn't just about ugly clothes. It was about a style of music uniting heavy Latin influence with disco, rap, and electronic sounds, which celebrated love, good times, and the general excess of the '80s, right down to the use of hairspray.

And Transit Lounge is going to be celebrating the freestyle movement with a series of bookings that we'll dub "a blast from the past." So, in honor of Lisette Melendez performing this Friday, Debbie Deb next Saturday, George Lamond May 27, bust out your three-pack of RCA blank cassettes, because here's a list of ten tracks no freestyle mix cassette should be without.

10. TKA's "Maria"

9. Cover Girls' "Show Me"

8. Lisette Melendez's "Together Forever"

7. Shannon's "Let The Music Play"

6. Egyptian Lover's "Egyptian Lover"

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Ray Milian
Ray Milian

Out of all the TKA songs I would not have put Maria. They have so many other better tracks One Way Love or Tears May Fall maybe. Also you missed Silent Morning by Noel and something by Erotic Exotic, Stevie B and George Lamond. Also Body Mechanic and Running by Information Society were played non-stop in the 80's. Debbie Deb maybe shouldn't have had two on there as they are both classics, but pretty similar. Two of Hearts by Stacey Q like Jose said is a classic too. Too many to list in 10. It's tough to do. Pretty good job!     

Jose D. Duran
Jose D. Duran

Where the hell is Tapps "My Forbidden Lover"????

Jose Flores
Jose Flores

"Two Of Hearts" and "Diamond Girl" are must haves

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