Test Your Pimp Game With Trick Daddy and Don Magic Juan at the Miami Players Ball

Trick Daddy got game.
In Trick Daddy's book about his life, Magic City: Trials Of A Native Son, he talks about the evolution of the urban hustle.

Before the dope boy, there was the pimp, a slick talkin' motherfucker who was cold as ice and could have a ho on the track within ten minutes of meeting her at the club.

Tomorrow night, you can pick up some pointers on how to pimp in the new millenium from experts who have been in the game since last century.

Don "Magic" Juan is one of the top players in the industry, an up-north cat who made a life out of putting hoes to work and selling game on how he did it.

Of course, Trick Daddy is the Mayor of Miami. And if you've listened to any of his recorded material, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Go learn some pimpology and then test it out on one of the many ladies at the Official Miami Players Ball.

Trick Daddy and Don Magic Juan host the Official 2011 Miami Players Ball. Thursday, May 26. Club Play, 1045 Fifth St., Miami Beach. The ball begins at 11 p.m. Call 305-532-4340 or visit clubplaysouthbeach.com.


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Club Play - CLOSED

1045 5th St., Miami Beach, FL

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