Looking Back at the Photos From Bar's One-and-a-Half-Year History

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Photo by Lex Hernandez
Remember when Diplo played a secret set at Bar?
Over the last year and a half, few Miami venues have impacted the local scene as significantly as 14th Street's Bar.

After taking over the space formerly occupied by PS14 and setting up a replica of New York City bar Max Fish for a successful week-long run during Art Basel 2009, OHWOW's Al Moran and Aaron Bondaroff decided to lease the joint on a long-term basis, opened Bar, and re-energized the city.

When the venue debuted, the name confounded people, who ended up referring to it as PS14, old PS14, Bar Black, Black Bar, or simply that place next to the Vagabond. But if you asked general manager Raul Sanchez the correct name for the rectangular black bar symbol, he would always respond, "Bar."

For such a small venue, it hosted plenty of big-time DJs like Diplo, Drop the Lime, Busy P, Brodinski, Nick Catchdubs, De La Soul, and more. But locals always made the core of its programming, including DJs like Benton, Mr. Brown, Induce, Tamara Sky, Damaged Goods, Troy Kurtz, and Aramis, as well as live acts like ANR, Lil Daggers, Jacuzzi Boys, Little Beard, and Deaf Poets.

Then there was the ever-changing look of the place. Seven artists got the opportunity to overhaul the space to suit their own asthetic. Those included Freegums, Todd James (Reas), Mike Del Marmol, Cody Hudson, Bert Rodriguez, Eric Elms, and Dave FTL. (We had heard from reliable sources KAWS, Neckface, and FriendsWithYou were other probable future candidates.)

Here's hoping we see Bar resurrected after the summer season as promised by Moran and crew. And if we sound skeptical, it's only because a lot of abruptly shuttered hangouts pledge to return and never do. Want an example? How about Bella Rose's plan to "look for a new bigger and better space."

Anyway, we looked through our photo archives and picked some of our favorite moments captured at Bar.

Photo by Jipsy
Photo by Jipsy
Photo by Justin Namon
Photo by Justin Namon

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