Four Ways To Protest Odd Future at Pitchfork Music Festival

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Yesterday afternoon, we reported on the looming protests over the announcement that swag-style rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All would be performing at the Pitchfork Music Festival. 

The controversy greatly recalls the Eminem Dialogue of the early 2000s in which the platinum certified rapper came under fire for using homophobic slurs and detailing violent scenarios involving gays and women.

Crossfade is always down for a good picket line. So after the jump, we've got a few ways you can protest Odd Future at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Host a Steve Harvey Book Signing at Pitchfork Music Festival
"FUCK STEVE HARVEY" is one of the most Tumblr'd OFWGKTA memes. The slogan's origin is simple: Steve Harvey (with his self-help books, preachy morning talk show, and infinite other outlets, mediums, and brands) represents the exact kind of wholesome, old-fashioned American Pie capitalism and values that Odd Future reject in theory (via crass content and experimental technique) and practice (via crude provocation and free downloads). Well, if Odd Future hates Steve Harvey so much, maybe he's the first person we should ask to lead the charge. And hey, if we pay him enough, maybe he can help us get out of debt, resolve our relationship woes, and cook a roast.

Send the Young Whipper Snappers to Reform School and/or Bootcamp

Hey, it's kept Earl Sweatshirt quiet.

Stage a Love-In During Odd Future's Set
All of this hubub is over charges of hate-speech targeted at women and gays. Why not stage a giant, queer-friendly makeout session? Isn't making out what Pitchfork Music Festival is about in the first place? We're not actually sure this will do anything as it doesn't appear Tyler the Creator actually hates gay people, as much as he likes the hateful sting of words like "faggot." It doesn't excuse his use, but would potentially neuter the effect of the action. But that doesn't really matter since the primary motivation with this one is to get back to the golden age of activism when hippies tagged "-in" to the end of every protest's name, i.e. sit-in, Human Be-In, etc.

Or How About A Tweet-In?

Which brings us to a Tweet-In, where @Gay-Straight Alliances across the country flood Odd Future's respective accounts with Safe Space gifs.

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