Help NOFX's Fat Mike Beat Foreclosure by Booking Your Vacation at His Vegas Punk House

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Fat Mike playing pool at his Vegas Punk House.
Crossfade has experienced our share of punk houses. We've got stories about crossword puzzle face tattoos, a dumpster literally converted into a fridge, and losing an arm-wrestling match to a dog wearing an eyepatch and a Discharge butt-flap.

One time, we drove up to Gainesville to see some band no one in Gainesville cared about and crashed on the very dirty floor of a friend's group house. He literally lived in a closet, so we slept in the living room. Early in the morning, we woke up to someone pissing on us in our sleep, a member of the band we had driven up to see. He was asleep too. Also, drunk. Also, an asshole.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with NOFX's Fat Mike and the Vegas Punk House he's renting out.

Fat Mike, whose real name is Michael Burkett, is renting out his punk-themed clubhouse in Vegas, apparently to keep the property out of foreclosure. Not quite a squat, the makeshift resort comes with some pretty fancy amenities like a sunken living room, seperate rooms for poker and pinball, and a "Cave spa." Not to mention instapunk essentials like records, a room with flyers on the wall, and a complimentary case of PBR.


Fat Mike is one of the world's most renowned "professional punkers" as singer and guitar player for perennial mall-punk standards, NOFX. He moonlights in cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, runs pop-punk label Fat Wreck Chords, and spends every second he can hanging out at the Warped Tour.
Apparently even pro punks are getting manhandled by the economy.

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It's all a lie, look at the pic's, Mike's not even fat anymore! I'll rent your pad dude, and trash the fuck out of it then piss off and leave you with all the mess! :D jokes dude, you rock! Never stop writing and playing music.

Las Vegas Foreclosures
Las Vegas Foreclosures

i haven't to mike's place, but i  think as i see it in the picture is somehow cool place to hang out to. it's a good thing mike rent out to prevent foreclosure, i like to visit this place sometime.


Good thinking on saving up his home on renting it out in avoiding foreclosure. I personally like the bathroom in this house.

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