Drunken Llamas, Beer, and Tits at Seven Seas Karaoke Night in West Miami

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Photo by Jacob Katel
Any bar with a rifle on the wall next to some kind of furry decapitated llama head wearing a Dolphins hat is fucking awesome in our book.

But Seven Seas, the great Red Road dive has more to offer. Namely karaoke, which the joint does three nights a week.

Here are some pictures from last night. And if you're into it, you can unleash your inner rockstar every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night.

Inside the pirate ship
Seven Seas is a good place to drink. Beer and liquor are reasonably priced. And if you're into smoke, and flowers growing out of broken toilets, you can't beat the atmosphere.

Steppin to the oldies
The bar wasn't packed or anything. But there were enough people going in and out to keep it interesting.

They do it duet
We heard everything from Spanish love songs to "Dude Looks Like a Lady" to "Mack the Knife" to DJ Bernie doing a lounge version of "Gin and Juice."

No doubt
Some people could even sing pretty damn good.

Playin' pool.
For a small joint, the place has four rooms, plus space to chill outside.

Location Info

Seven Seas

2200 SW 57th Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Miami properties
Miami properties

this place has all the hallmarks of awesome ... intriguing decor, variety of people (age & gender), karaoke, and good drinks. gotta check it out!

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