Lady Gaga, Slavoj Zizek, and Four Other Pop-Star-and-Philosopher BFFs

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Stefani Germanotta thinks, therefore she Gagas.
​Last week, the New York Post reported that Lady Gaga's been hanging out with Slovenian Marxist critic Slavoj Zizek.

Even though the pairing -- an American pop megastar and a commie philosopher -- seemed a little strange at first, it made sense the more we thought about it. Gaga tries to intellectually elevate pop music by way of high fashion, queer-friendly ideology, and big-budget aesthetics. Zizek works in reverse, applying the lens of philosophy to pop culture and thus providing real-world demonstrations of highly obscure thought.

Well, it turns out the Post did some lazy reporting and Lady Gaga is not actually hanging out with Slavoj Zizek. But the possibility got Crossfade thinking about other hypothetical pop-star-and-philosopher BFFs.

5. Rick Ross and Martin Heidegger

You wouldn't think Miami hip-hop kingpin Ricky Rozay would have much in common with German existentialist Martin Heidegger. But that's why Crossfade is here -- to show you the connection between trap rap and phenomenology. Much like Heidegger's controversial double-life as a philosopher and a Nazi, the Bawse has caught some flack for pre-fame work as a corrections officer. Most importantly, they both share very similar thoughts on grinding, as Ross's "Every day I'm hustlin" aphorism is certainly an abridged version of Heidegger's assertion that the "tranquility in inauthentic Being does not seduce one into stagnation and inactivity, but drives one into uninhibited 'hustle.'"

4. Miley Cyrus and Sigmund Freud

Last May, TMZ posted a video of then-16 year old Miley Cyrus grinding on 44-year-old man at a cast party, and her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, described the video as "just fun" and "what people her age do." Well, we support Mr. Cyrus for not being a prude. But we can't imagine any father watching a video of his daughter dirty dancing and responding any way other than like a bull who's seen red. The whole thing reeks of Freud's Elektra Complex, the father-daughter equivalent to the more commonly known Oedipus Complex, which describes a young male's psychic repression of his lust for his mother and desire to kill his father. Also, we're pretty sure Miley experienced "The Uncanny" when she smoked salvia that one time.

3. Snoop Dogg and Socrates

We've paired West-Coast-MC-turned-household-name Snoop Dogg with Socrates, the grandfather of Western thought, for the following three reasons: (1) They are both OGs (Original Gangstas); (2) They both trained formidable proteges who went on to have successful solo careers -- Lil Bow Wow was Snoop Dogg's Plato; and (3) Both men love reefer.

2. Kanye West and Friedrich Nietzsche 

Nietzsche killed God and declared the Übermensch (Superman) the next phase of man's evolution - to be his rightful successor. There is little doubt in our mind that Kanye West believes he is the realization of Nietzsche's concept. 

1. Lady Gaga and Slavoj Zizek
Which brings us to Gaga and Zizek, pop-star-and-philosopher BFFS who may ultimately have nothing in common but a high number of YouTube hits.

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Cute but the Hedegger's wayy off. 

50 cent
50 cent

I have to disagree with you on the Rick Ross thing, He IS Gusto from Straight out of low cash! He is stagnant and inactive. All he does is smoke weed and he stole his personality and character from a real gangstah!


this guy's right, the only one that makes any sense is Snoop Dogg and Socrates

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