Ten Reasons the First Season of NBC's The Voice Didn't Suck

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Before you start anything in life, you will more than likely hear the phrase, "There have been many that have come before you." And we have to wonder if that's how NBC's The Voice felt coming onto the TV scene.

There have been many singing competition shows. And some have served up talented singers. But lately, the judging panels seem to be boasting more and more unqualified talking heads. Ellen Degeneres on American Idol, anyone?

That's one of the reasons Crossfade loved The Voice. The judges (or what show calls coaches) were serious stars like Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera. Oh, and Carson Daly got some screen time too.

Anyway, with the season finale last night, we decided to figure out why we liked this show so much. See the cut for ten reasons NBC's The Voice doesn't suck.

10. It's American Idol... But Better
Yeah, we will say it and we aren't ashamed: American Idol has been on for 232198 seasons and we're so sick of that show. To have people with actual talent be coached by people with actual talent was kinda refreshing. Much like an ice-cold mojito on a July day -- it's just good.

9. Carson Daly, His Fake Tan, and Fake Hair
So where has Carson Daily been since his Total Request Live days? He might have had that late-night show. But wait, is that still on? He better thank his lucky NBC stars for bringing him back to life.


8. Christina Aguilera and Her Weight Gain
We like to think that Oprah sits at home, watches The Voice, and thinks, "Thank, you Christina." Ms. Winfrey looks so much thinner now that she's off the air and Christina is on. Yes, Christina's voice is one of the best, but she needs to call Jennifer Hudson and check out what Weight Watchers is all about. She is too short to be that big.

7. "Its All About What's Inside"
They call it "blind auditions" for a reason. Don't be ashamed to admit that none of those people on stage weren't tens. Or maybe not even sixes ... But they did have actual talent, so we can't hate too much.

6. Watching Adam Levine's Man-Crush Grow
Can we acknowledge the huge man-crush Adam Levine has on Cee-Lo? We don't know if we're the first ones to acknowledge or even notice it. But watching Levine crush on Lo week after week was like watching a really steamy telenovela. Adam's eyes are so full of love for Cee-Lo Green, he looks like Christian Aguilera staring at a McDonalds 24-hour drive-through. We apologize, that was mean.


5. A-Listers Come Together
We can talk shit about Xtina, Cee-Lo, Maroon 5, and Blake Shelton all day. But just try to tell us that you don't love at least one song by each of the judges. And when they all came together for songs like "Under Pressure," we loved it. So screw you.

4. Famous Friend Cameos
Ne-Yo, Brad Paisley, and Pitbull have all stopped by. Oh, and let's not forget on the finale there was Ryan Fedder from OneRepublic, Miranda Lambert, and the goddess that is Stevie Nicks. Then there was also that old guy who sings for Train. Having famous pop stars be a part of the show actually paid off, because they brought A-list friends. Thanks, judges.

3. Lesbians Get Love
It's awesome that gay marriage got passed last Friday and that this week on The Voice, that Beverly McClellan made it to the top four. And we have to love her 'cause she lives in Fort Lauderdale, duh. While she might have looked like a hobo last night on the finale, no one can argue her voice is pretty South Florida-rific.

Ne-Yo and Pitbull make a cameo!

2. Gay Slurs Excused
So, as we can imagine you heard, Tracy Morgan said some pretty crazy shit about how if his son was gay, he would kill him ... literally. He has to do a crazy media tour of apologies. And so far, not all has been forgiven. But what got very little press? Blake Shelton's kinda sorta anti-gay tweets during his time on The Voice. In early May, he tweeted out, "Re-writing my fav Shania Twain song ... Any man that tries Touching my behind He's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy ... " What did he get in return? Barely a slap on the wrist. Mainly because he is on that family-friendly NBC show, y'all.

1. The Winner Is...
Javier Colon, of course. Are we the only ones who called this from the beginning? Don't get us wrong, the other three were great. But that man's had it in the bag for a couple of weeks now.

-- Stacey Russell

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Musicfan- Dia had her chance. She had no reason to be on the show anyway.


OMG, you are so unkind with your remarks about Xtina and her weight gain.  Perhaps you should take a class on class and how to keep your ugly remarks to yourself.  Someone puts on a little weight and you look down on this?  Not everyone can be a size 2 and at times this isn't always healthy.  Go away with your remarks and you can believe me when I say this is the last time I take a look at this page, ever.


its all about Dia, she's way more marketable than Javier. Plus she has experience being in Meg & Dia since 2004, participating in major tours like Warped, Take Action etc. Javier is very talented but I feel hes going to sell as much as recent AI winners while Dia will thrive like the runner ups usually do. (think Aiken, Lambert, Daughtry, well i mean anyone in season 5 did better than Taylor Hicks, but you catch my drift)

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