Video: Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" Goes For Simplicity

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Oh hai, I'm jus gonna danse now. KTHXBAI
No wacky costumes. No crazy concepts. No iconic dance moves. Lady Gaga's new video for "Edge of Glory" is an anomaly in her kooky visual catalog. Germanotta hasn't looked this "regular" since her "Just Dance" days.

And while her little monsters seemed pissed off they didn't get a video of epic proportions, Crossfade is coming out and saying it: we like it. A lot. Purely for the fact she lets the song shine. What it seems here is Lady Gaga has a case of spoiled and unappreciative little monsters, who, when they don't get what they want, go on a Twitter-attack spree.

Yes, Crossfade is coming to the defense of Gaga.

To call the video boring is really unfair. First thing, the controversy surrounding "Judas" didn't really equate to big sales. The single was perhaps one of her worst performing since "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)," which failed to chart in the Billboard Hot 100 entirely.

We can assume her label, Interscope, wanted another hit single out quickly before Born This Way wore out its welcome. And, well, they have reason to be nervous. After an amazing 1.1 million in first-week sales, the album tanked with a decrease of 84 percent its second week.

To make matters worse, reported disputes between the original director Joseph Kahn and Gaga only added to the rushed response. (By the way, Kahn says he's not the director for the video, Lady Gaga is.)

But, we'll let you be the judge. Watch the full video for "Edge of Glory," and tell us, boring or brilliant?

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I love the song, and although I was surprised at the simplicity of the video, it seems to me that Gaga thought it was time to just let the song take center stage.  I've heard the song dozens of times, and it gets better and better, and although I've only watched the video about half dozen times, I think time will show that this video is really great in it's simplicity.


The fact that it's not another pointless over-the-top video is what makes it good. Too bad  I can't say the same for the song and whole album. 

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