Fashion Freakouts at Britney Spears's Femme Fatale With Nicki Minaj

brit lookalike small.jpg
Wait. Who? What? Is it? Is that Britney?Almost.
Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj fans are kind of the cutest. Certainly, a few of them will leave cruel comments on this post, even if everything written were spectacularly kind. It's not. Either way, it's important to mention that they're adorable before delving into these fashion freakouts from last night's Femme Fatale show at the American Airlines Arena.

Some of the looks were quite extravagant. It wasn't a Gaga shit show in there. But there were plenty of heads covered in wigs and skirts cut short in homage to both Spears and Minaj. And check out this one over here to the right. Talk about a look-alike that really looks like Britney.

Here are some of the most memorable styles of the Femme Fatale Miami experience.

We love cross-dressing Britneys, especially this lovely lady, bravely sporting a mid-drift and "...Baby One More Time" gear. Look at that sassy stare. That is one fierce school girl.

hit me man brit.JPG
A Circus tour Britney wannabe marched her way into the arena. It was like really hot out there yesterday, so wearing all that fabric truly demonstrates commitment to a look.

A legion of devoted Nicki Minaj fans were wearing the most adorable tees. If there were a dollar in this writer's bank account, it would be spent on that shirt on the right with the pink hair. Look at that face! Nicki, you're so crazy.


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Another ignorantly written article by the New Times. How are you not embarrassed. If you dont know a reference, how about you google it, here is a thought ask the subject. Laziest article you have written yet, "bro". Pfft


u should have gotten a picture of my daughter at this cons=cert she was the cutest u missed out for sure


The girl with the wires is from Hold It Against Me when Britney puts her hands up in the white dress during the breakdown and splatters paint everywhere all over her dress.(:

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