From Traci Lords to Eminem: Five Music Videos With Porn Star Cameos

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Adult film star, Sasha Grey
Eminem's new video for "Space Bound" has been generating quite a bit of internet chatter. While the video's intense finale (which depicts the rapper committing suicide) has garnered a little attention, most of the buzz has revolved around the video's leading lady, porn star Sasha Grey.

MTV reported mixed reactions from fans of the rapper and actress alike, and also sought out Grey, who has referred to herself as an "existentialist," for her interpretation of the video.

Now, don't get us wrong. Crossfade loves nothing more than goth-y "exotic performers" with a penchant for applying pop-philosophy to the music videos of angry white rappers. But we thought it would be more fun to compile a list of music videos, spanning genres and years, featuring porn star cameos.

Traci Lords in "Control" (1994)

Traci Lords made a name for herself with an extensive pornographic filmography, all of which was produced while the actress was underage. In the '90s, she transitioned to acting in cult films like John Waters's Cry Baby, and eventually dabbled in industrial-tinged techno pop. The video for "Control," the single from her only full-length album, 1000 Fires, features an S&M-light aesthetic to back up the Mortal Kombat theme song-style music. 

Vanessa Del Rio in Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s "Get Money" (1996) 

The video for Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s "Get Money" is a cult classic of the Golden Age gangsta video vault, from the opening courtroom skit (a super '90s gimmick) to the lavish life of a G's harem, right on down to Biggie's bug eyes. Plus, '70s sex demon Vanessa Del Rio makes a cameo right at the end, receiving a sensual massage from one of the Chippendales dancers that Big hired to keep his bitches happy. 

Janine in Blink 182's "What's My Age Again?" (1999)

Adult film star Janine Lindemulder was handpicked by Blink 182 to be the face of their Enema of The State LP. She also appeared in the video for "What's My Age Again?" dressed up like the rocker nurse from the album's cover art, marking the first time that punk-themed "alt-porn" placed its pinkie toe over the pop culture crossover line. The next decade would see an explosion, led by Suicide Girls and Burning Angel, of actresses with tats, piercings, and punk/alt/rocker aesthetics 

Pamela Anderson in Lit's "Miserable" (2000)

Pamela Anderson was the perfect choice for the video for Lit's "Miserable." You see, Pam is only sort of a porn star, as all of her "work" has been private footage leaked to the public. And Lit is only sort of "a rock band." . 

Sasha Grey in Eminem's "Space Bound"

The first few rounds of the Marshall Mathers story featured an ongoing cultivation of the Slim Shady mythology. Mathers was the man, Shady was the monster, and Eminem was the medium through which the story could be told. After a brief retirement and predictable comeback, Eminem has hit angsty elder statesman mode, constantly ruminating and reflecting. Reigning alt-porn queen Sasha Grey encapsulates that ennui perfectly. 

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