Internet Makeup Goddess Gloria Nava on Britney, Sandra Bullock, and YouTube Trolls

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Gloria Nava
Gloria Shuri Nava is the queen of internet makeup tutorials. This girl is kooky, kinda filthy, clearly smart, and definitely mesmerizing.

The 23-year-old San Jose native showed America how to slap on face paint like Natalie Portman's character in Black Swan while making funny tasteless jokes. She's walked us through the Na'vi face of Avatar, and she's got a knack for breaking down the look of pop stars. Her latest tutorial covers Britney Spears' appearance with panache, sarcasm, and humor.

The Mexican-Filipino American has over three million views on her YouTube channel Glowpinkstah. George Lopez even got this internet sensation on his show Lopez Tonight to give Sandra Bullock a chola makeover. (That's chonga if you're from Miami.)

This chick is funny and nuts. And we've been dying to ask her about her own makeup regimen, her parody of Britney's "Hold It Against Me," and the mean stuff people on the interweb say to funny girls like her.

Crossfade: Did Sandra Bullock know she was getting a makeover on Lopez Tonight, and was that tension real? She seemed all sassy.

Gloria Nava: I'll say this. The first time I met her was when I told her how horribly dressed she looked onstage.

You talked a bit about Britney looking like an "innocent girl" in the tutorial. What defines her look for you?

In my video, I call her an innocent bad girl. I guess what I meant by that was that she was putting up an innocent front while she wanted to get her freak on in the video. But what defines her look for me, in general, I guess is that she does look like a really sweet person who can play sexy. Britney looks sweet and sexy in all her videos.

Did you write the "Hold It Against Me" parody? If so, what prompted it? Like what made you pick this song? 

Yes, I did write the parody. When I heard the song for the first time, all I could think of was dirty things. I guess I have a dirty mind. [Laughs.] But not all the time, I promise.

Are you a Britney fan?  

Yes! I love Britney! I went to see her Good Morning America performance in San Francisco, and I just saw her concert in June. My favorite songs by her are "Toxic," "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know," "Sometimes," "Crazy" ... I guess a lot of her older stuff.

What's it like being internet famous? Do people stop you on the street and want hugs? 

It's so weird getting asked that question. I don't consider myself famous, because my idea of famous is what you typically see in Hollywood. But yes, I do get stopped for hugs and pictures on the street when I'm out. And it shocks me every time. I recently visited some friends in Kansas City, Missouri, and my friend came up to me to tell me that one of the people that worked there was coming up to bring me a drink because they loved my videos. I thought he was lying, but he was telling the truth! She brought me a drink and I was shocked that even out in Missouri people are watching me.

What's the worst, cruelest thing anyone's ever said to you about your videos?

Eh, people call me fat. That's their favorite thing to say. I don't ever deny that I'm fat. That's really all they can come up with to say about me. But people try to get really creative and it doesn't work. It literally just makes me laugh. They're a bunch of trolls living under a bridge. If I lived under a bridge, I'd want to take out my anger out on someone else too.They bring in the views, so I guess that's what matters ... Buhaha!

You talk about just about anything, including making funny, critical remarks about race and weight. Is there anything you won't joke about? 

Well, the way I think is, it only becomes a problem if you truly believe these things. Like with race, I pick on my Mexican side and make us all look like we're a chola who pronounces words funny and just sounds stupid. I also pick on my Filipino side by exaggerating what my Filipino relatives are like. But obviously, not everyone is like that. I'll joke about pretty much everything, even myself. I don't take these things seriously and those that do are just insecure about themselves.

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Sarah Haras
Sarah Haras

I love Gloria so much, I've been watching her forever it feels like. Shes such an inspiration and shes so talented and funny. I'm so proud of her, for everything and I think one day she's going to be really famous. She deserves it. <3




I love Britney for the fact that she isnt given credit, for all the 13 years she has been in the business and has been consistant with her sound! Go Britney


I love Britney for the fact that she isnt given credit, for all the 13 years she has been in the business and has been consistant with her sound! Go Britney

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