Calling Irresponsible Ravers! Identity Festival Sells $20 Tickets For 20 Hours

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Oh, you irresponsible little raver ... The Identity Festival is still one month, two weeks, and a couple of hours away.

And yet you've already blown 90 percent of your loose change on bad drugs and bottled water, party paraphernalia (gas masks, top hat, Caution tape, etc.), and an entire trash bag of awful neon orange apparel. But what did you forget? Tickets.

Luckily, the ID fest and presenter Skullcandy recognize the fact that you're a fuck-up. And so, starting tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., you can score $20 general admission tickets (regularly $63) for a period of exactly 20 hours.

The ticket blitz ends at 5 a.m. on Thursday. While it lasts, though, the deal applies to each and every stop on the 20-date Identity Festival tour.

But really, even if an irresponsible little raver wanted to dream about visiting such exotic locales as Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, or Holmdel, New Jersey ... How would he or she pay for airfare, hotel, and wacky snacks?

Our advice: Stay home. Glowstick tricks aren't worth shit in the real world.

Identity Festival. Thursday, August 25. Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. Gates open at 1 p.m. and general admission tickets cost $20 from 9 a.m. on Wednesday, July 13 till 5 a.m. on Thursday, July 14 via Visit

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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I don't care about what other people do at raves, but you generalizing this is going beyond ridiculous. Also, this article doesn't make any fucking sense. Why would anyone travel to go to one of Identity's festivals? They're in 20 cities for a good damn reason, dumbass.Why does, when the word "rave" comes up, does it automatically trigger a response in your head that blinks "DRUGS" in neon lights? Give it a rest. Writing articles like this is not going to get you anywhere in your pathetic journalism world.


sweet article, douchebag!! 

Esrever Backwards
Esrever Backwards

Who am I?

I am that guy that helps you with your computer... I am that guy that helps you pick up the stuff you dropped....I am that guy that you see walking downtown in the morning...I am that guy that you see leaving the office building at 5...I am that guy you talk to in the grocery store....I am that guy that climbs up on your roof to cover the hole....I am that guy that you ask for help carrying something....I am that guy that you ask his opinion...I am that guy that you wish your daughter would date...I am that guy that drives that fancy German sports car...I am that guy that will help you when you need it....I am that guy that will give you his last dollar....I am that guy that will give you his last cigarette....I am he guy who is over 18 and votes...I am the guy you want to vote for you in the next election....who am I ? I am the guy you see in the morning wearing the slacks polo shirt dress shoes on getting out of his Porsche....I am the guy you see walking in downtown Tampa at 7am on his way to his office....I am the guy that you ask what he thinks about the dress you just tried on at the mall....I am the guy in the grocery store that picks up the cans of food you knocked over...I am the guy the held the elevator door open for you yesterday...I am that nice guy that you told your daughter about....I am that guy that you call for help when you need help working with your computer...I am Joe Everyday....just another guy....who am I?  Actually, I’m more like Clark Kent...yeah that’s me by day I’m Just an all around nice guy...the model citizen...that’s my mind...I am a my mind I am the guy the police think should be thrown in jail...that guy that people like Bob Buckhorn calls a criminal...that guy police say is a drug addict...that guy that city councils would like to see move...that guy you can’t stand....that guy that is a loser...that guy that will never be anything....that guy that police say is a troublemaker...that guy that should just die....who am I?

I am a of many....we are citizens.....we are workers....we are parents....we students...we are lawyers...we are doctors....we are soldiers...we are your friends...we are your neighbors...we are your family members...we are your children....we are your grandchildren...we are people...

We are the people you ridicule, demean, degrade, harass.... We are the people that purchase goods and services from you everyday.... We are the people that pay taxes.... We are the people that pay rent.... We are the people that pay tuition.... We are the people that social security..... We are americans... 

Americans have freedom of peaceful the pursuit of happiness....and to VOTE...

I am a Raver...proud and true...I believe in peace, unity, love, and respect...I offer these things to everyone I meet...and I expect the same in return....I will no longer allow myself to feel an outcast...I will no longer feel like a criminal...I will no longer allow myself to be enslaved or oppressed....I have a will...I am intelligent...I have Rights! And I choose to no longer allow who I am be degraded or belittled...

Politicians be warned I have a voice...and I have a slander and misinform the public...You lash out at us because we are communal...because we don’t speak up or fight....You portray us as criminals drug addicts or worse...a raver is no more so any of these than You are...less so most likely....How many times has the News shown politicians that were caught in criminal acts...or caught using drugs....In fact...usually it seems that politicians not only are caught in combinations of this things....and lets not forget the all around stereotype...since we’re stuck stereotyping people....that politicians are liars....

Well...I have one last thing to say to all of you in public office...look out....we’re not as small of a group as you think we fact....probably around 75,000 state wide....Your jobs are in jeopardy  we’re tired of the abuse...We’re tired of the lies...We’re tired of the violations of our rights....We’re tired of the misrepresentation...We’re tired of the Disrespect...We are VOTERS and we’re coming for the Bob Buckhorns out there...You need to find a new job....You’ve done Florida a disservice and its time for you to go! To the Law enforcement officers that truly are doing there job....I commend you...but to the ones that would use Raves and Ravers as a way to further there career....your times limited too...just remember this...We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night....We are after all Children of the Night...

Esrever Backwards
Esrever Backwards

New Times hates Ravers. Every story they post about our community, bashes it.

Esrever Backwards
Esrever Backwards

People, I had a dream: a wonderful dream, a dream of equality, a dream of freedom, unity, harmony, peace, love, respect, I had a dream that we stood up against the tyranny, the injustice, the hate, I dreamt that we took a stand against those who oppressed us that belittled us. I dreamt that we stood together as one against those who would take away our liberty, that we stood as one against those that would take away those rights that so many before us had fought for. I had a dream people one that we took back that which was ours by birth. Our Freedom.

We are Not slaves. We are Not outcasts. We are Not Evil. And We can No longer sit quietly in the day while others ARE fighting a war against us. Did we declare war against; Our country, Our State, Our local government, The Law enforcement community? I don’t remember, I doubt it. We are a peaceful, loving community. One that would rather offer a hand, embrace and console rather than take arms and fight. But it is time for that to change. We can no longer be complacent. Our lack of effort to make people aware that our rights have been overlooked, nay, quashed, has left our community, no, Our FAMILY, in danger. We are by nature Peaceful, We would rather just let nature run its course. BUT, We can no longer sit idly by and allow the People who are there to make laws to protect our rights to ignore that fact. We are NOT a stupid people but we are different. We have chosen to live a nocturnal life, communal by nature, We are giving, and caring, We believe in a UNITED existence, We believe that respect should be th norm, not the exception. WE ARE BEING PERSECUTED.

No longer can we allow others to dictate how we must live our lives. They persecute us they harass us, We are afraid to gather in public. We are afraid to be who we are. We only wish to live in PEACE. We treat others with brotherly LOVE. We must UNITE to protect Our way of life. We must demand the RESPECT that we deserve. WE ARE AMERICANS TOO! Does this not mean anything to the ones WE placed in office?


A RAVE is NOT and I REPEAT NOT A DRUG PARTY! Like anywhere yes you can find drug use. Capitol Hill, Police Stations, Big Business, Colleges, High Schools, even Churches you see it every day in the NEWS. I have helped others when they were down, given shelter, food, and clothes to those in need. It was a struggle, but we survived. We live together and show each other we care every day. It was NOT always easy. I am not a Cult leader, I leave that to the revered. I am not a Saint I am however, Righteous I believe in what I am doing now.

I am a RAVER, I like knowing that when another raver sees me they know that we can be at Peace around each other, that I will treat them with Love and Respect. That we can live in Unity because no matter what I have his or her back. If this scares anyone outside the our community I am truly sorry: Sorry that you find our way of life wrong, but, we do not judge your way of life. Sorry that you will never enjoy the loving and caring ways of our people. Sorry that you have chosen to not accept me for the intelligent, compassionate, and considerate person that everyone that knows me, knows I am. BUT, most of all I am Sorry that because I live in a different circle than you, You will never take the time to get to know me.

We must now come together. We must make our voices heard. We must be as ONE. We need to show that we are not a small community. But, that we are thousands strong and growing. At every Rave, Party, Social event. Get a name, a signature, make a new friend. Lets do this people, before its too late. Use this letter, make your own, BUT MAKE A STAND, TODAY. We can ill afford to wait any longer. Lets make our presence known. Lets change the rules. Lets fight to be free. Contact everyone, Lawyers, the ACLU in your area. Lets make our government work for us for a change.


The promotional price sounds great! I just dont understand what a sale has to do with irresponsibility. If anything, it would show financial responsibility to buy the tickets during the promotion verse waiting and paying more. I just dont get the connection? Unless its just to bash ravers and those who listen to electronic music.

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