Playboy Names Mac's Club Deuce One of the Best Bars in America

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Photo by Melissa Burley
Awesome shot from longtime bartender Melissa Burley's Club Deuce photo book.
Whether you're a cracked-out bum or a rock star, it's 8 a.m. and you need two drinks for the price of one. Time to hit Mac's Club Deuce.

You could be fresh out of Dade County Jail and still wearing a jumpsuit or a pinstriped New York stockbroker slumming out on South Beach. You could be a lap-dance artist who just got off her shift, a wild pack of Miami club kids on a three-day bender, a fry cook from Milwaukee looking for a wife, a tranny from Toledo looking for some money, Lenny Kravitz, Shakira, or Rat Bastard. The Deuce is the place.

One thing Playboy knows (besides fake tits) is where to get drunk in America. And this year, good ol' Mac's made the magazine's list of the best 14 late-night bars in the USA.

You can catch the digital feature online or in the August issue of Playboy on the news stand. Other winners include the Mollie Fontaine in Memphis, Ms Mae's in Nawlins, the Highlander in the ATL, and The Hub in Tampa as well as a bunch of bars in cities too far from the South for us to even know they exist.

So, cheers to Mac's Club Deuce, whether we stumble in as soon as we wake up, minutes before passing out slumped over your bar, early in the morning, late into the evening, and any time in between, you've been there for us.

Here are some pictures we can't remember taking. Cheers!

This Photo by Melissa Burley





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Mac's Club Deuce

222 14th St., Miami Beach, FL

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Spent many a evening at the deuce back in the day(1996-2000). The boy's from the Marlin use to go there after we closed up shop and have a few Jager shots to wind down. Bikers,Tranies everybody was welcome...a true original...Moved to L.A. 9 years ago but always stop by the deuce whenever I get back to Miami.


for those locals "in-the-know", Mac (WW2 vet, served under Patton!) turns 97! (b. 1914, NYC). in September. In celebration, Mac will have a "Mac's 97th Birthday Happy Hour Special" (yep, better than the usual 2-4-1) - 97¢ (per drink*) 8am-7pm/Sunday Sept. 18  ... come by and say ... Happy Birthday! Cheers ...

on Facebok:


I love the place - no judges, holly rollers, "do u know who I am" , no bartenders dictating, or disrespecting you (based on appearance, size of tip), no low life bouncers or rent a cops, the worst of them all - just no judgement period - just drink and be merry -  ! The deuce rocks


... Melissa was fired along time ago as well!


This happened over 6 months ago! Did you just move here?


Have been in Miami/Beach for twelve years and it's still my overall favorite bar.


they win this prize every year dumass, so this is anout their most recent win

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