Ten Reasons the MTV Video Music Awards Are a Total Joke

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The MTV Video Music Awards are a sham.

Every year, the network interrupts its regularly scheduled scraping-the-barrel reality television programming to pretend that there are people over at MTV who actually listen to music.

To soften the blow of turning its focus away from pregnant teens and piss-drunk guidos (and onto models who have people write songs for them to lip synch), the VMAs dutifully honor the art of representing music at its most visual. And with a maximum number of titties in every frame.

See the cut for Crossfade's ten reasons the VMAs are a big bunch of bullshit.

10. Katy Perry Is Nominated in Nine Categories

While we prefer Katy Perry's knowingly slutty winks and "Oops!" face to the bland, blonde Midwesternized pop queens from the Golden Age of TRL, we're still skeptical about Katy winning any award for Best Art Direction, even if she maybe manages to out-Gaga Gaga.

9. VMA Viewers Don't Know Tyler the Creator

Odd Future's crossover to the mainstream has inched that much further with Tyler's nomination for "Yonkers." But if you ask the straight media world, like NewsTimes.com, the average MTV-er is left scratching their head, which shouldn't surprise us. But it still provokes a WTF?

8. Bruno Mars. Period.
bruno mars.jpg

7. The VMAs Should Be In Miami, Not Los Angeles

The last time Miami hosted the VMAs, Shaq's big ugly mug was still draped over the American Airlines Arena. Just imagine ... LeBron could co-host with Russel Brand and the camera will periodically cut to Pat Riley wringing his hands in a dark corner.

6. MTV's Obsession With Its Own Legacy of Crappy Award Shows
complete history.jpg

Long before the internet cataloged everything from bowel movements to seven zillion vanity shots, MTV was stitching together a quilt of every last fart from the last 26 years of VMAs. They do this every year, adding footage from the year before as they go. We feel like we've seen Madonna roll around onstage in a wedding dress more times than we've been to actual weddings.

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As much as I agree with this why is there so much hate on Glee? If anything they are bringing different music to different people. There aren't many shows on t.v. playing older music with current music.


Of course it sucks and will continue to suck.  Glad I didn't even hear about it being on until now.

Wikipedia will help you out with Jesse Camp's whereabouts

In late 2006, he was reportedly working at a Los Angeles–area pet supply store called Centinela Feed & Supply. In 2008 he began working for a non-profit organization called "Telefund" as a caller, raising money for non-profit liberal and progressive organizations

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