Donate to Dino Felipe's Kickstarter Tour Fund and He'll Record a Song Just For You!

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Our very own weirdo genius Dino Felipe is getting ready to hit the road. And he needs our help, i.e. $$$. Hence, a Kickstarter campaign.

At the end of September, he and his sidekick This Heart Electric (AKA Ricardo Guerrero of "Miami Venues Suck Dick" fame) plan to load their crap into an old Chevy S-10 pickup and go zipping off on a 30-day working trip across America.

"This'll be my third headlining tour," Dino says. "And the reasons I'm starting this Kickstarter Fund are (A) inflated gas prices, (B) we have no money, and (C) that we have an emergency fund in case the car breaks down."

The campaign closes at 1:25 a.m. on September 14. And so far, Dino's earned $169 (11 percent!) $1,263 (84 percent!) of his $1500 goal. Do your part by heading over to the official Dino Felipe East Coast & Midwest U.S. Fall Tour homepage, donating some dinero, and getting an awesome gift! Seriously ... Even cheapskates who drop one damn dollar will receive a "thank you video message from Dino!"

See the cut for Mr. Felipe's Kickstarter video pitch and a list of the special pledge reward packages.

Dino Felipe's Special Pledge Reward Packages

Pledge $1 or More
Your name will be listed under a special thank you section of Dino's tour site, and you will also be sent a link to a thank you video message from Dino!

Pledge $10 or More
You will be sent a downloadable version of a Dino Felipe release of your choice. Over fifty to choose from!

Pledge $25 or More
Autographed hand-crafted Dino Felipe CD-R compilation of his favorite recordings, including rare and unreleased tracks.

Pledge $50 or More
Autographed Dino Felipe limited edition tour zine that will include photographs, writings, and other random bits gathered during tour!

Pledge $100 or More
Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind Dino Felipe commemorative tour t-shirt, made at home by Dino!

Pledge $250 or More
Original hand-drawn art piece by Dino Felipe (not a copy or a print!)

Pledge $500 or More
Hand-crafted Dino Felipe discography DVD, including all releases to date. You will also receive a personal typewriter-written letter sent to your home from Dino.

Pledge $100 or More
Dino Felipe will record an exclusive, personalized song for YOU! Yes, YOU!

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Here's a suggestion: maybe Dino should get a fucking job instead of expecting the rest of the world to fund his creative ventures. 


Maybe everyone on Kickstarter should get a fucking job, huh? Kickstarter is just for bums, right Santa? What a horrible idea! Micro-lending for creative ventures which would otherwise receive no financial support! What a bunch of FUCKING BUMS, right?! By the way Santa, I fully sport your elf-slave labor operation, THAT'S the way to go.


why doesn't Dino just stand on the side of the road with a sign?


free the elves!

Jesus the Lord
Jesus the Lord

Kickstarter is a great way to fund projects that actually aid people in need, not drug addicts. If you think this money would be going anywhere other than drugs, you're delusional.

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