Five Things Odd Future Forgot for Their Golf Wang Tour Swag Packages

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Are Odd Future's stickers really all that "swag"?
In conjunction with Odd Future's upcoming tour of the U.S. (and Canada!), the hip-hop collective is offering Golf Wang Tour Swag Packages as part of ticket purchases through their website.

The West Coast hip-hop collective is currently offering two options: a tour t-shirt (featuring a very interwebby cat design) or a sticker set. And, uh, that's it.

Frankly, Crossfade is a little miffed that Tyler the Creator -- OFWGKTA's supposed ultra-savvy digital design mastermind -- didn't opt for giveaways a little more, y'know, swag.

A Scooter and/or Golfcart (For Causing A Ruckus)

In the video for Tyler the Creator's collab with trap-rap star Pusha T, the Odd Future leader cruises down a busy sidewalk, riding a medical scooter and leading a parade of swag goons and John Waters-style degenerates. With your own Golf Wang Golf Cart, you can be at the forefront of a weirdo promenade too. It's also excellent for super-soaking festival security guards (and just about anyone else) with maximum stealth.

OFWGKTA Ski Masks (For Causing a Ruckus and Not Getting Caught)

You know, Crossfade is surprised -- and a little disappointed -- that official Odd Future ski masks don't already exist. Fans of yesteryear's punk rock fashioned their own band shirts, so you better whip out the hot gun and get bejewelin' in time for Tyler and company's show at this Fillmore this Halloween.

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The Fillmore Miami Beach

1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Guy you obviously don't know about music to say these guys suck.... Granted they may be way overhyped for the level of skills on display SO FAR but wait and see what they are doing in 2-3 years... They are kids at the moment


this group sucks, everyone needs to stop pretending that they're cool and move on to the next hot thing and exciting thing.


Anyone ever tell you you're a douchebag?

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