Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Naked! Plus Five Other Arty Moments Inspired by Pop Stars

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Photograph: Daniel Edwards/Cory Allen Contemporary Art
Justin and Selena as One by Daniel Edwards.
​Artist Daniel Edwards is best known for casting a life-sized sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth on all fours, hunched over a bear skin rug. (As if Brit were that earthy!) But now Edwards has shifted his humorous and critical gaze to the next generation of "musicians" with a sculpture of Justin Bieber and his lil' lady Selena Gomez.

The work of art depicts the two teens in the nude, except for a maple leaf for the Canuck Biebz and a Lonestar for the Texas lass. The young couple is also fused at the gut. And just so we really get it, Edwards has a Canadian goose screwing an armadillo at Justin and Selena's feet.

In honor of this majestic artistic endeavor, Crossfade decided to take a look at five other pieces of art inspired by pop stars.

David LaChapelle
5. David LaChapelle Loves Lil Kim
Superfamous photog David LaChapelle worked some kind of magic when he made Lil' Kim a virgin again. The Virgin Mary, that is. The rap goddess was way more believable as a sexy blonde blow-up doll. This was an art-and-musician match made in tastefully tacky heaven.

4. Francesco Vezzoli's Caligula Trailer
We loved it when Vezzoli cast Courtney Love, Helen Mirren, and Milla Jovovich in the hilarious and mesmerizing trailer for his version of Caligula. Seeing famous people in art films makes ya feel all hip inside. Like, "Wow, I get art!" and "I know that chick." He also collaborated with Lady Gaga for the 2009 anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Talk about "Wish I coulda been there!"

3. Jeff Koons Does Wacko Jacko and Bubbles
Probably the most spooky use of a famous person and pet in art is Jeff Koons' Michael Jackson With Bubbles. Jackson's strange relationship with primates and children make this gold-and-white creation hauntingly memorable and deliciously creepy.

2. Warhol the Fame Whore
Everybody knows Andy Warhol was super into famous people. No disrespect to the man, but he was a fame whore, like a talented and cool Paris Hilton. But who could blame him? If any of us had the chance to party with Mick Jagger in his youthful years, Mick would've been torn and frayed from our love by morning light! Warhol's Polaroids and prints of the stars are iconic in an oppressive way. And yet we can't help but love 'em.

mca evil design.jpg
MCA (Evil Design)
1. Beasties Under the Influence
New York's most Jewish rap trio and pretty much every white teenage girl's favorite, the Beastie Boys, had a whole exhibition dedicated to them at Los Angeles's Gallery 1988 in 2009. Under the Influence: The Official Tribute to the Beastie Boys featured rad images of Mike D and the Adamses created by The Silent Giants, Ryan Tan, and Eric Hungerford, among others. This one by MCA (Evil Design) is very South Park hip-hop. Can we get it as a t-shirt?

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