Fashion Freakouts at Ke$ha's Get $leazy Tour

Photo by George Martinez
​No doubt there was plenty of $leaziness going on at the Ke$ha show last night. We're talking drunk dudes, wasted moms pulling down their tube tops, people with crunchy hair booty dancing on their seated friends. It was a little bit of a shit show.

The way that people were dressed was pretty entertaining, though. Fans of Ke$ha and LMFAO were in full effect, wearing facepaint, blue lipstick, animal print, American flags, Indian headdress, handmade Ke$ha shirts, and lots of bright colors.

We recorded a few of the best costumes of the evening, including these two boyz, clearly fans of both Daft Punk and animal print. Love the undies, guys!

The crowd was young. Very young. Most of the kiddies at Ke$ha weren't dressed like whores, though. Like these three ladies. They're decorated modestly with a little face paint.​ The one in the middle is very advanced. She understands there's no crying in fashion. (Keep that in mind while scoping out the next few ensembles.)

There was even the token exposed Miami'd-out raver, complete with glowing pacifier and neon boobs.

ke$ha concert (24).jpg
The guy with the blue mohawk got mad cheers every time he ​walked down to his seat. He was a crowd pleaser, even doing a little dance here and there. Sharing lipstick, though, guys ... Bad idea. Think about the consequences of swapping spit at a concert qualified as "sleazy."

ke$ha concert (2).jpg
​These shoes definitely belong on the guy with the frameless glasses from LMFAO.

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

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