Get the Pussy and the Power With O'Grime's "Almighty Dolla"

O'Grime on that grinding shit.
Too busy chasin' that chedda (i.e. money) to notice our annnouncement that O'Grime and Metro Zu will be droppin' swag, Swishers, and dirty bills as part of the August edition of the Crossfade music series at The Stage?

Shit, kid. Wipe them $$ out your eyes 'cause we got your payoff right here! And it's called "Almighty Dolla," a collabo track by O'Grime's L. Rey Reyes and Nikolas Javan, featuring the homie Saheed.

Like L. Rey say: "We all lookin for the almighty dolla cause we need the pussy and the power!"

In the vid, O'Grime and Saheed are runnin' the streets, lookin' to fill their pockets with Washingtons. They hit up the Cash-a-Check, a Wachovia ATM, Cash for Gold, the Dade Commonwealth Building, and some random bodega for a lil' Florida Lotto action.

It's all about hustle. "The best way to fill ur pockets is to stay on ur grinding shit! With every moment that passes, you gotta get it!"

And if you're wondering about the identity of that pruney-faced, long-haired freak on L. Rey, Niko, and Saheed's giant counterfeit dolla bill ... "That's a swagged-out version of the President of the United States of O'Grime. He's just another grimey-ass mufugga like all of us."

O'Grime and Metro Zu as part of Crossfade Presents The Local at The Stage. Thursday, August 25. The Stage Miami, 170 NE 38th St., Miami. The swag stuff starts at 9 p.m. and admission is free. Call 305-576-9577 or visit

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170 NE 38th St., Miami, FL

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All it is the title just brings a not good way to describe the song and it doesn't even sound right.

Just find something else to a word without putting a word of women's body. People would look or feel that this is not even a song to feel motivated.



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