Candied Pecans and Confederate Graveyards on the Road to Voice of the Valley 2011

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Voice of the Valley Noise Rally Report #1
Richmond, VA

This is Crossfade and Bleeding Palm reporting from Richmond, Virginia on the road to Voice of the Valley Noise Rally 2011.

Despite the still-looming threats of earthquakes, hurricanes, confederate zombies, still-living confederates, road madness, and gas-station coffee we have managed to stay alive in the most basic senses.

We're just about to hit the road to Mothman Country. Here are some highlights from the journey thus far.


Our provisions included one box of Chewy Granola Bars, three bags of beef jerky, one small package of chorizo, two containers of trail mix, one container of freeze-dried coffee, around 30 CD-Rs, and three ear plugs.


Nirvana's "All Apologies" was the soundtrack for hitting the road. And as we encountered the interstate, we silently agreed with Kurt Cobain's fortune-cookie assesment that, "All in all is all we are."



We stopped at the first sign of free samples. Literally. Like, we saw a sign for free samples, immediately pulled over and then proceeded to see 500 billboards detailing fruits and nuts at every stop from Central Florida through the rest of the state. A handful of candied pecans was a fitting goodbye salute to our peninsular motherland.

On the way to Voice of the Valley, we stopped in Richmond, Virginia to pay our respects to Hollywood Cemetery.



The Pyramid to the Confederate Soliders was built in 1869 as the first monument honoring the Confederate Army's casualty. The pyramid cost over $25,000 to erect and was perilously built without mortar.

After spending some time lost in the vertiginous burial ground, we reached our ultimate goal: the final resting place of President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis.


Road Trip Playlist: The Spits, Trmrs, Pink Reason, Nirvana, Sir Lord Baltimore, Floor, MEAT, Milk Music, Swans, The Juan Maclean, LCD Soundsystem, Mike Birbiglia, Ghostface Killah, Lil Wayne, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Kurt Vile, Yo La Tengo, Dinosaur Jr.


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