Chris Brown and Ten Other Famous Wife-Beaters

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​In 2009, a teenaged Chris Brown was arrested for beating the crap out of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. It was an ugly scene and everyone will always remember him as one of the most famous wife-beaters of all time.

Certainly, though, Brown is not the only male musician with anger management problems. From Ike to Yanni, there's been plenty of bad behavior in the lives of musical talents. In a business filled with giant egos, boozing, and drugs, it's no surprise that a few assholes have ended up throwing fists at their ladies.

In recognition of the Chris Brown show at the American Airlines Arena next week with T-Pain, Kelly Rowland, and Tyga, Crossfade is taking a look at ten other domestic abusers in music, two of the most famous sharing a surname with Chris. This can also serve as a who-not-to-date guide for the ladies out there.

10. Ike Turner
RIP Ike. For real. But this guy was really terribly brutal according toward his leggy songstress wife according to What's Love Got to Do with It. Tina was not only beaten endlessly for being more talented than Ike, but also emotionally abused. Ike, man, not good.

9. Nick Carter
OK, so part of you thinks it's perfectly acceptable to knock around Paris Hilton. But it's not. Though unconfirmed, the rumor was this Backstreet Boy manhandled the heiress leaving her with some bruises. It's possible they were sexjuries, but we won't know until the video evidence hits the web.

8. Bobby Brown
Oh, Bobby. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby ... We know you were probably smoking crack when you slugged lovely Whitney in the face. But that's no excuse. Hopefully, those anger management classes worked.

7. Yanni
This famous New Age nerd was charged with domestic abuse for striking his lady in Florida. It's one of those little facts that you can always remember in horror when you're riding the elevator, faced with 20 seconds of the torture that is "The Storm."

6. James Brown
This particular Mr. Brown made things funky in his relationship when he got in trouble with the law for allegedly getting a little violent with his honey. Charges were dropped.

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video projectors
video projectors

I was a Chris brown fan. And I am a Rhianna fan. I was shocked and pissed when I found out this kid beat the s**t out of her, especially knowing he experienced his own mother being beat. But I was even more shocked when people actually blamed rhianna for getting punched repeatedly in a lamborghini. Chris was obsessed over rhianna (personally I don't blame him) but from being in crazy love, stalking her, calling her repeatedly, to being violent is a dynamic change which led inevitably to violence.

shoes boot
shoes boot

well my mom & dad always thought me that what ever happens you never put your hand's on a female,don't get me wrong I love Chris brown's music but that beating on females,that's for cowerd's I bet he won't hit a man like that,but hey!! Who knows probably one day it would be done to him,he'll meat his match someday,god don't like ugly.


@shoes boot @video projectors 

 firstly she started it hitting people with stilettos is not nice even if u read their texts to other people i know its not justifiable what he did but atleast understand its not what we think  he didnt just go upfront and start hitting her or got upset and hit her so if anybody should be labelled violent its her

and who are we to judge chris and i mean theres many others who have hit woman but never become a target like axl rose but their advantage was they were not as easy a target as chris and as young as he was he was just starting his journey in the world and its ok to make mistakes when tempted so much because thats how you learn though i have to say it ruined an amazing career

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