Chris Brown and Ten Other Famous Wife-Beaters

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5. Axl Rose
Lead singer of Guns 'n' Roses apparently roughed up model ex Erin Everly and emotionally mistreated sexy Stephanie Seymour. This kind of comes as no surprise. Axl always read as angry.

4. Phil Spector
The famed music producer isn't just known for working with The Beatles and The Ronettes, he's also famous for murdering his lady friend actress Lana Clarkson.

3. Marty Crandall
This Shins guitarist and his former America's Next Top Model contestant GF Elyse Sewell were both put away for beating each other up. Much like the Yanni tussle, this nugget of bizarreness will work you through future Chutes Too Narrow encounters.

2. Tone Loc
Tone Loc not only got in trouble for getting violent with his baby's mom, he also had an assault weapon on hand. No funky cold media could improve this sad situation.

1. Vince Neil 
The Motley Crue singer didn't quite beat anyone up. But he did get arrested for poking his girlfriend really hard... with his finger. Terrible joke. But he actually leave a mark. Neil, stay sober!

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video projectors
video projectors

I was a Chris brown fan. And I am a Rhianna fan. I was shocked and pissed when I found out this kid beat the s**t out of her, especially knowing he experienced his own mother being beat. But I was even more shocked when people actually blamed rhianna for getting punched repeatedly in a lamborghini. Chris was obsessed over rhianna (personally I don't blame him) but from being in crazy love, stalking her, calling her repeatedly, to being violent is a dynamic change which led inevitably to violence.

shoes boot
shoes boot

well my mom & dad always thought me that what ever happens you never put your hand's on a female,don't get me wrong I love Chris brown's music but that beating on females,that's for cowerd's I bet he won't hit a man like that,but hey!! Who knows probably one day it would be done to him,he'll meat his match someday,god don't like ugly.


@shoes boot @video projectors 

 firstly she started it hitting people with stilettos is not nice even if u read their texts to other people i know its not justifiable what he did but atleast understand its not what we think  he didnt just go upfront and start hitting her or got upset and hit her so if anybody should be labelled violent its her

and who are we to judge chris and i mean theres many others who have hit woman but never become a target like axl rose but their advantage was they were not as easy a target as chris and as young as he was he was just starting his journey in the world and its ok to make mistakes when tempted so much because thats how you learn though i have to say it ruined an amazing career

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