Jimbo's and Churchill's Pub Make Esquire's List of Best Bars in America

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A little casual, late-night browsing of Esquire's website (no, we don't only read Perez and TMZ) led to quite the startling discovery: The cologne-drenched men's magazine has named two of Miami's favorite dives, Jimbo's and Churchill's Pub, to its list of The Best Bars in America 2011.

This list's curious features include virtually no context on the contest or process of selection, the establishments are ranked alphabetically and by state, and there's a confusing sub-site where Esquire readers can rank watering holes in their city.

All of these peculiarities aside, we made the cut!


43. Jimbo's
For a minute, it almost looked like the legendary beer, bocce ball and smoked fish hangout on Virginia Key was going to get shut down. But thankfully, Jimbo's has not only lived to host another music video shoot. It's also stuck around to celebrate the 84th birthday of its founder, the actual Jimbo, AKA James Luznar.


42. Churchill's Pub
Ah, yes, "The CBGBs of the south." Only, CBGBs long ago turned into a Vegas simulacrum and Churchill's is still the weirdest fucking place on Earth. We think Esquire's mini-blurb sums things up nicely: "When? Morning, when the game's on. Premier League soccer in the day, punk bands at night, British round the clock." Figure in Lil' Haiti, the bathrooms, and the laundry room, and we think you've got a pretty good picture.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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Churchill's and Jimbo's are 2 of the very few reasons I still love Miami, now that I live in NY and being that I am pure MIamian.... Nothing beats divey bars with character


Happy's Didnt make the list????


i know theres a trashy kitsch thing going on at Jimbo's but i think they need a bit of a clean up day all the way down their paths... a couple of bags of trash for a cheap beer...i don't know, something like that. 


lists on lists on lists


esquire dont know bot that Stork

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