Gloria Estefan Brags About Emilio's Penis; Hubby'd Have Sex With Castro to Free Cuba

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Gloria Estefan. We've never met her, but we know Miss Little Havana well. Maybe too well.

She's like Miami's really cool tía, the type of woman that never raises her voice and has an infectious laugh. But like our favorite aunt, sometimes she says shit that fucks up our heads.

Usually it happens on Noche Buena after three bottles of wine, and comes in the form of a sex joke. Yesterday, however, it happened on Howard Stern's couch when tía Gloria revealed that tío Emilio was hung like a Clydesdale.

Estefan was in New York City yesterday promoting her new album, Miss Little Havana, when she stopped by the Howard Stern show. Per usual, the conversation turned sexual, and Estefan was incredibly forthcoming.

"Is Emilio so big?" Stern asked.

"Actually, yeah," Estefan replied, later referring to her husband's package as the "Estefan factor."

While she didn't go into any more detail, Stern later invited Emilio into the studio, joking he wanted to "smell his fingers, make sure he's not straying," and talk about Castro.

"What a great promotion you've been giving me," Emilio said as he walked into the studio. "Oh my God."

Stern never smelled his fingers. But he did ask him about what it'd take for a free Cuba. "Hey Emilio, would you have sex with Castro if it meant a free Cuba?"

Without missing a beat, the 58-year-old replied. "Listen, I would do anything to have a free Cuba. I would have sex and kill him after the sex."

What a mensch.

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Gloria is amazing, and your description of her is spot-on!


we love you gloria!


That's funny and I am Loving that song!

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