Girl Talk's Florida Tour Featured on Morgan Spurlock's "A Day in the Life" Series

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Remember when you and your frat bros raged on stage with Girl Talk at Fillmore Miami Beach? Y'all were pounding Red Bulls, dancing half-naked in short shorts, and reveling in the sweaty, glittery world that is electro pop.

It was exhausting. But imagine what Gregg "Girl Talk" Gillis must feel like after a show ... There's no comfortable bed on a tour bus, just hundreds of miles separating him and the next gig.

In a new episode of Morgan Spurlock's Hulu series "A Day in the Life," the Super Size Me director spends 24 hours on the road with Gillis.

Filmed just a few days after his two-night stint in Miami this past May, this short doc profiles the mash-up messiah as he travels between shows in Florida and Alabama. Just like a Girl Talk set, Gillis' life is non-stop.

"Last night, we drove about eight hours from Orlando," David Schield, Gillis' tour manager, tells Spurlock. "This'll be the fifth show -- Tampa, two shows in Miami, Orlando last night, now Hangout festival."

Sampling beats, on-location interviews, and saran-wrapping laptops, the bulk of Gillis' Girl Talk business in conducted on his bus until showtime. At the venue, his crew works tirelessly --blowing up balloons, syncing video displays, and plucking fans from the audience to dance on stage -- while Gillis plans his set.

And as the dance-party shitstorm brews, Girl Talk enjoys the proverbial calm before the storm. "Typically on a show day, I'd be sitting in a dressing room backstage, starring at a wall and playing on my computer."

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