Nocturnal Shooting Victim's Family Pleads With Public for Help

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Nocturnal shooting victim Brandon Marquis McGhee.
Miami Police are still investigating a shooting that left one dead, six wounded, and sent hundreds of people stampeding to safety early yesterday morning at Nocturnal nightclub in downtown.

New Times reported yesterday that 26-year-old Brandon Marquis McGhee was shot and killed inside the popular afterhours club, but that no arrest had been made. During an emotional press conference at City of Miami Police Headquarters today, the victim's family urged anyone with information regarding the shooting to please come forward.

"He'd been on the straight and narrow for quite some time now," the victim's mother, Dewonderyn Woods, said of her deceased son. Several media outlets, including New Times, have reported on McGhee's troubled path.

Conference with Brandon Marquis McGhee's Family from Miami New Times on Vimeo.

Records indicate the young man had been arrested several times, having been charged with grand theft, burglary, and a number of other crimes. However, wiping tears from her eyes, Dewonderyn Woods defended her son's character, admitting he'd become addicted to playing video games in an effort to stay out of trouble.

"My understanding was that he was going to a strip club," she said. "I've never heard of this Nocturnal club."

Sgt. Confessor Gonzalez of the Miami-Dade Police Department confirmed that investigators have a suspect, but did not release a name.

"We have several leads we are following," he said, adding that they're treating the case as a homicide. "We believe Brandon was a target, or in the company of someone that was the target."

Gonzalez was also clear that there was "no indication [McGhee] was in a gang."

Late Sunday, police released the names of the five men wounded during the shooting: Ronaldo Cerve, Maxon Clarke, Ricat Pierre, Marc Isidor, and Emilio Lopez. Those men, and one other unnamed individual, have all been treated for their injuries.

"All are stable, some are out," Gonzalez says.

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The Miami-Dade arrest record for victim Brandon Marquis McGhee:

04/29/2005    GRD THEFT/3D/VEHICLE 12/14/2004    RESIST OFF W/O VIOL 11/19/2004    OBSTR JUST/FALSE INF 02/03/2004    BURGLARY/UNOCC/DWELL11/19/2008    RESIST OFF W/O VIOL 05/03/2006    RESIST OFF W/VIOL 06/20/2004    ASSAULT OR BATTERY03/29/2007    BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC03/07/2008    UTTERING/CHECK05/17/2011    PETIT RET THFT <30

Sorry but this guy was a Thug & this is a Thugs life......kill & get killed.


Luis PIG is trying to divert attention away from his own Bloody Hands. He's got scumbag police officers on his payroll to look the other way when crimes are committed Out & Inside of SPACE. The Thug security are the biggest drug dealers in the club. They routinely throw people down the stairs & out the back door into the alley for whatever they deem worthy. They are Racist, Homophobic Scum. I do believe there should be a Club district but Luis PIG is NOT the man who should be allowed to have a Club. He has his family (sister & minions) doing his dirty work for him. It is common knowledge that He has a guy take trash bags filled with Cash every week to the Banks in the Bahamas to avoid paying taxes.The letter/Press Release that he sent out about the shooting  Nocturnal was a way to distract attention from what is really taking place inside his own club. What about that poor girl who was scene on Video being taking out of the club Space by his own Security Never to be scene alive again. Miami is so Corrupted on every level of government so it is not surprising this type of lawlessness takes place 5 nights a week in our own backyards. Mecca/Discotecka is right around the corner & the Owner Joe is a running Drugs through the club through a few Tranny Drag Queens & office staff. I go out from time to time to these places & I know first hand what is up. If you are black these clubs keeps u standing in line a much longer time & a lot of times won't even let us in. They are all going to get what's coming to them. CLOSED DOWN.


Even though he had a troubled past, it is sad to see a family mourn in sorrow because someone took the life of their baby away. :/ but seriously no video cameras?? no witness? no cops around? where the fuck are the bouncers? note to self: dont go to clubs in the city of Miami.


What a horrible tragedy! This guy went out to have a nice time with his friend(s) and never made it home. I don't know him at all, but I feel so sad for his family. People have no respect for life anymore!!! I went to this club about 5 years ago and not even 5 minutes after left, some person was shot! Miami Dade needs to fine the club, close them down, or something! Too many shootings have occured at this club and nothing is being done about it. I also don't find it relevant to post what happened in his past. There is NO person who is free of mistakes or ever getting in trouble (no matter how big or small). Have some compassion for the family losing their loved one, the same way you would want people to feel had it been you in this situation....RIP and may God Bless the family and bring them comfort in their time of need..


Reguardless of his criminal record he IS my nephew & we love da Hell outta him


From The McGhee Family Thank u. Taura MCGhee


I am praying for this family. I have known his mother from little girls in sunday school in memphis tn. My heart goes out to you (Faye) may God bless and keep you. 

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