A Day in the Life of Odd Future: Pissing People Off and Slapping Plastic Bitches

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Loitering outside Burger King. Pimp slapping plastic bitches on a street corner. Bumping Waka Flocka Flame while driving down the block sans safety belts. Yeah, Odd Future crew's hard as fuck, yo.

Well before OFWGKTA was on GLADD's radar or Jimmy Fallon was piggybacking Tyler the Creator on national television, photographer Ryan Rigsby spent a day shooting Ace and his crew "doing bad shit" 'round Ladero, California. The result, A Day in Ladera: OFWGKTA, a documentary short profiling the suburban, ADHD-fueled antics of a then up-and-coming rap collective.

From pissing off security guards at the local shopping mall to smoking dank in what looks to be a comfortable backyard, Rigsby captures the er'day struggle of Odd Future in just under ten-minutes.

But sadly, the film lacks any real display of violent teen angst. You know, like Tyler's "Radical" hook, "Kill people/Burn shit/Fuck school." In fact, aside from the shitstorm of "motherfuckers" and "bitch," the short film is relatively PG-13.

Tyler Slaps.jpg
Screenshot from A Day in Ladera: OFWGKTA
Tyler Always Keeps a Fake Bitch in Check (1:44)
You're rolling down the block in a late-model sedan when -- all of a sudden -- you catch some mannequin grilling your shit. Oh hell no! Tell your boy to pull over. You need to slap a plastic ho.

Tyler Talks.jpg
Screenshot from A Day in Ladera: OFWGKTA
Ladera Life: It's Tough (3:12)
Tyler didn't rob your shit. But he probably knows who did. It's a dangerous life in a suburban ghetto, and he's just trying to make it out alive.

Screenshot from A Day in Ladera: OFWGKTA
Jasper Hates Keenan Thompson (4:48)
"Fuck Keenan Thomspon" -- Jasper

ODD Weed.jpg
Screenshot from A Day in Ladera: OFWGKTA
Smoke Weed Everyday (5:22)
Tyler doesn't burn. But his boys do. It's just another day in Ladera.

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