Pitbull Announces Club 305 Cruise, a "Magical Voyage Coming in 2012"

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File this under "Fuck yes!"

Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull, wants to get wild with you, and "2,500 of his closest friends" on the inaugural Club 305 Cruise.

Earlier today, Armandito Christian Perez tweeted in the third person, "Pitbull wants you to join him on the party marathon that will be @Club305cruise." As instructed, we followed the link for more details and ended up at club305cruise.com.

We learned that "a magical voyage is coming in 2012" and it's happening April 13-16 aboard a Royal Caribbean vessel--probably the Majesty of the Seas.



Back in the day, only washed-up lounge singers and shitty magicians performed on cruise ships. But in recent years, more and more relevant acts have hit the high seas on chartered theme voyages. And lucky for us, the bulk of these weekend getaways set sail from South Florida.

Pitbull joins the ranks of Weezer, Fatboy Slim, and Fucked Up, who are all playing megaships next year that'll be leaving from either Port Everglades or the Port of Miami.

We're totally picking Mr. 305's themed vacay over Rick Ross' ski trip. There's sure to be lots mo' Culo.

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Port of Miami

1015 N. America Way, Miami, FL

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Reed Fischer
Reed Fischer

Impressive. Hopefully 954 and 561 versions aren't far behind.

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