Susan Boyle's Depeche Mode Cover and Five Other Artists Who Ruined Perfectly Good Songs

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England's favorite frumpy, never-been-kissed, feel-good-story of 2009 has a new album, Someone to Watch Over Me, dropping November 1. And it's generating mad buzz with the 55-to-70-year-old demographic.

Susan Boyle's new record will feature a sweet blend of slow jams ranging from Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" to Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence," which you can listen to at Rolling Stone.

Honestly, it's not all that bad. Especially when you compare to these five dreadful covers.

5. Miley Cyrus's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Miley was negative one when Kurt, Dave, and Krist released the single for "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Sure it's cute that she credits them as a major influence in their career, but for fuck's sake, don't butcher a generation's most influential anthem.

4. Britney Spears's "You Oughta Know"
We don't really know what Britney Spears sounds like given the fact she lip-syncs everything. But she outghta know that covering the greatest revenge song of all time would end up on at least one list of covers that should've never happened.

3. William Shatner's "Iron Man"
Captain Kirk needs to cut the absurdist, spoken-word rock album shtick. It's crystal clear now that we're simply pointing and laughing at that old man who used to host Rescue 911.

2. Hillary Duff's "My Generation"
What a sad state of affairs for Hillary Duff's actual generation. They'll forever associate a rock and roll classic with a Tiger Beat cover girl. We're fucked, America.

1. Paris Hilton's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"
We did think Paris was sexy, but it was that first time we watcher her in that sex tape, One Night in Paris, well before she butchered a Rod Stewart classic.

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John Smith
John Smith

Susan Boyle Rocks.  Victor Gonzalez - not so much.


I shall restrict my comments to the first paragraph of this 'article' and state, categorically, that Susan Boyle is NOT English. Nor is she 'frumpy' and the song to which this author refers has been very well received by many music websites across a very wide spectrum. Even diehard DM fans have been gracious enough to admit that Susan's version of EtS has turned out to be as good a cover version as many have heard. Susan has far from ruined this pop anthem from the early 90's and I believe that it will very soon be regarded as a classic of this generation, be they over or under 50 years old!Your line that it is "not that bad' doesn't begin to absolve you, Mr Gonzalez, for that opening paragraph, nor for its frankly ludicrous headline.


I haven't reached anywhere near the bottom rung of that demo yet, and I think this is amazing. I think this author's need to fit in to what he *thinks* is cool is coloring his listening.  What is best about Susan Boyle is that she does it her way, no matter what anyone says she's *supposed* to do.  THAT is cool.  And that is what this author doesn't get.


I'm not in that demographic either. This is a really beautiful song. It is different - of course, that's why you cover a song, but it is really ethereal and nice.


I have nothing to do with the demographic you mentioned and I have to say that I really liked Susan Boyle's cover of Enjoy The Silence. There is so much beauty in her voice.

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