Top Five Most Annoying Pop Star Pets

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Crossfade is sick and tired of Ice-T and Coco's overly pampered pooch.
​The only thing more annoying than pop stars and their lavish lifestyles ... The lavish lifestyles of their freaking pets.

Yeah, while plebs like us spend our downtime shuffling kitty litter that sears our nostrils and looking for Junior's lost hamster at 4 a.m., fat cats, excuse us, fat dogs, like Ice-T and CoCo's Spartacus over to your right, are spending their days lazily tweeting and getting fed gourmet organic dog biscuits.

This pup even gets preferential treatment at the airport! All we got the last time we flew was a forceful tug on our Milkbone in the name of "national security."

There's no question about it ... Pop star pets are annoying. Here are some of the best-slash-worst.


5. Best Coast's Too Precious Stoner Kitty
As though their beach-y band name didn't endear them enough with the international indie tween syndicate, Best Coast has plastered frontwoman Bethany Cosentino's cat all over everything, including her own album cover and that of boyfriend and fellow weedhound Wavves.


4. Slash's Snake Fetish
Slash's expansive collection of boa constrictors and pythons may be the only legitimate entry on this list. FYI, none of these reptiles have social networking accounts.


3. Michael Jackson Loves Bubbles
Michael Jackson's pet monkey, Bubbles, was one of the early signs of the insanity that was to come. The chimp famously slept in Jackson's bed at Neverland Ranch, and accompanied him on frequent trips to the in-home Neverland movie theater.

terminator x ostrich .jpg
courtesy of Vibe Magazine

2. Terminator X Forsakes The Movement For Ostriches
Flavor Flav proved to be too much of a wild card goon. And of course, Chuck D. occupied the extreme opposite end of the spectrum by being a joyless, no-fun curmudgeon. With such polarizing band mates, it's not surprise Public Enemy producer and DJ, Terminator X, turned to an ostrich farm to get away from it all.


1. Ice-T and Coco's Overly Pampered Pooch
Which brings us back to Spartacus, the most annoying pop star pet in the history of millionaires pissing away a chunk of their fortune on allegedly adorable animals.

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