Chris Brown and Bow Wow Drop $5000 at KOD! Plus Five Other Strip Club Spending Sprees (NSFW)

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Breezy and Bow Wow did some damage at KOD.
​A rapper spending a night at the club -- the gentleman's club, that is -- is like a scientist spending overtime in the lab, or an archivist hitting the microfilm.

Yeah, it looks like an OK enough time. There's booze. There's bling. There's your own music roaring over the house PA. And big-bootied beauties are spinning 'round like porn-y Cirque De Soleil trapezists.

But when performers like Chris Brown and Bow Wow drop five-thousand smackaroos at Miami's imperial adult entertainment complex and "biggest strip club in the world," King of Diamonds, you've gotta understand ... They're conducting research.

Like so many MCs before them.

Money To Blow
The Rapper:
Birdman (AKA Baby)
The Strip Club: Club Perfections in Queens, NY
The Damage: $50,000
One has to wonder if Birdman does his Kali wiggle dance (see 1:35) when showering naked women with more money than we even allow ourselves to dream about.

You'se A Sexy Bitch
The Rapper: Akon
The Strip Club: Unknown
The Damage: $50,000
Who needs music videos? All of the cars and food and rappers get in the way of why anyone's watching in the first place: fly girls, video vixens, digital honeys, etc.

We Like Her (and We Like Her Too)
The Rappers: Lil Wayne and Drake
The Strip Club: King of Diamonds in Miami, FL
The Damage: $250,000
Like father, like son, like protegé: Young Money Cash Money Billionaires represent not only the most enduring rap music dynasty of the 2000s, they also represent three generations of making booties clap thunderously while money rains from the sky.

In Love With a $tripper
The Rappers: T-Pain and, uh, Ke$ha
The Strip Club: Larry Flynt's Gentleman Club in Las Vegas, NV
The Damage: However much it takes to get grabby.

Are there still Guess the Number of Jellybeans contests? What about Estimate the Stripper Money All Over the Stage contests?

Done Fucked Every Dime Up in Diamonds
The Rapper: Rick Ross
The Strip Club: King of Diamonds in Miami, FL
The Damage: One Million Dollars

Shortly after word broke about the Bawse's lascivious spending-spree, some King of Diamond's strippers took to the internet to take part in the long history of calling Ricky Rozay a phony.

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