Occupy Miami Theme Song Proclaims "We Are the 99%"

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Via wearethe99percent.tumblr.com
It's been three days since the Occupy Miami movement massed at the foot of Bayfront's Torch of Freedom and marched on Stephen P. Clark Government Center, pitching tents, staging sidewalk sit-ins, and generally fucking with business as usual.

Last night, the occupiers joined forces with local grassroots crew Bredcrumbs to throw down an open-invitation Hip-Hop & Rock Jam. And now the movement's spawned its own anthem, "We Are the 99%."

Masterminded by Let's Talk About It!'s Subhash Kateel and produced by Canal Records' Devin Arne, this solidarity song features outraged rap verses by one-man Miami media machine La Guardia alongside a soaringly anguished chorus by Fernando Castro.

La Guardia spits, "We are the 99 percent/Tryin' to meet the right amount of rent/Beneath the monument of fallen stocks and pocket lint/Our outfits ain't got that fine designer scent/They got that overdrawn college loan kinda stench."

Meanwhile, a somber slideshow of testimonial photos pulled from wearethe99percent.tumblr.com flashes past, protesting lost jobs, shitty wages, unfair rent, astronomical medical costs, and a rigged system.

The movement's message: "There's gonna be changes."

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