Oh Jack Halloween Party at Dream Hotel

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All photos by Ciara Osorio
Sucks when a perfectly good party is hampered by situations beyond its control.

Perhaps Oh Jack at the Dream Hotel wasn't the only Halloween bash that got its fair share of rain on Saturday night. But considering it was touted as a party on the hotel's rooftop, the downpour played a huge part.

Everything was great -- people were in costume, the music was good, and drinks were flowing. But the recurring theme of the night was a crowd of revelers running to take cover every time the skies opened up. When it got bad, the party moved down to the space occupied by Tudor House. When it cleared up, everyone moved back to the rooftop.

For a while, Penguin Prison was in command of the music. But considering the back and forth between the rooftop and Tudor House (and perhaps one too many Dos Equis), we really couldn't tell you much about it. However, the man is scheduled to return in December for Basel Castle. And next time, it'll be a live performance, not just a DJ set.

Rain or no rain, though, everyone was determined to keep the partying going as long as possible. And we've got to commend Oh Jack's organizers for dealing with a tremendous curveball as best they could and delivering on its Victorian England and steampunk vibe, which included an awesome set where party patrons could stand in for Jack the Ripper and get their photo shot by Stian Petter Roenning.

Check out the full 28-photo Oh Jack at Dream Hotel slideshow.


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Dream South Beach Hotel

1111 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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