Purdy Lounge Owners Moving Into the Former Transit Lounge

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On Sunday, we reported that Transit Lounge had suddenly closed its doors forever. But to borrow a generic quote from overly optimistic people: "When one door closes, another one opens." In the case of the First Avenue space, the door opening is the Blackbird Ordinary.

We just got off the phone with Dan Binkiewicz, co-owner of Purdy Lounge and The Bar, who confirmed that he and his partners are moving into 729 SW First Avenue.

"We take over the space November 1," he said, "and we're hoping for December 7 [as the opening date]."

According to Binkiewicz, the name Blackbird Ordinary was inspired by the early 1800s. Back in the day, folks actually referred to taverns as ordinaries rather than pubs or bars. Who knew?

As for the decor of Miami's newest ordinary, Binkiewicz tells us that the inside will be an industrial and funky mid-century motif. "I have everything ordered," he says. "It's going to be beautiful."

The team's nixing the stage in the main room, opting instead for a DJ inside, though the new owner assured us the venue would still host live music outside. However, there has been a minor setback.

"There're a few violations [the previous owner] incurred." Binkiewicz says.

The preexisting outdoor stage and bar were built without permits, which means he'll have to tear everything down and start from scratch.

Nonetheless, Binkiewicz is very excited about his new venture and he can't wait to open.  

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Transit Lounge - CLOSED

729 SW First Ave., Miami, FL

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Good to hear. Should be a better spot and this owner sounds more dedicated than that piece of crap who owned transit lounge


The main stage is being nixed? Really? This sounds like a good idea for a spot that was largely known for hosting live music most nights of the week?

I really hope these people don't f this up.


As long as Will has nothing to do with it, it will succeed. Just make sure to stock plenty of Jameson and Miller Light.


At least it's in good hands

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