Tupac's Sex Tape: TMZ Releases Photos and Afeni Shakur Is Pissed (NSFW)

Tupac's mama on his sex tape: "WTF!"
​It's embarrassing to admit, but Crossfade isn't any closer to deducing the identity of the "anonymous owner" threatening to release a sex tape featuring '90s West Coast gangsta rap martyr Tupac Shakur.

Our drive to apprehend the culprit is insatiable. And while constantly refreshing the internet's most tawdry gossip sites, we came across the official word from former Black Panther and Makaveli's Mama, Afeni Shakur, on the impending release of footage showing her world famous son getting a blow job.

Check for that after the jump. Oh yeah, did we mention there are pictures from the sex tape?

As you might expect, Ms. Shakur is pissed, and she has issued a statement threatening legal action if footage of Pac's peener ever sees the light of day. A Shakur estate spokesperson also told TMZ that they were, ahem, studying the video as the anonymous owner may very well be somebody depicted onscreen.


This is definitely the most painterly photo of the bunch. Tupac's gaze is so delicate, his face clearly that of the man who wrote "The Rose That Grew From Concrete."


Here's the Money B (Pac's Digital Underground bandmate) cameo. According to the logic of Afeni Shakur (and Crossfade!), Money B is a prime suspect in the hunt for the leak's origin.


What a weird party.

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