Visionquest Label's Pillow Talk List Their Top Ten Dancefloor Destroyers

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​If you haven't heard of Pillow Talk, that's because this threesome has been the West Coast dance music scene's best-kept secret for over a decade.

But that wasn't going to be the case for much longer if Visionquest had anything to do about it, which is why the label picked up the trio's debut single "Love Makes Parks" to immediate international acclaim this year.

If there's one thing that distinguishes Pillow Talk behind the decks, it's their motto of D.A.G. (Destroy All Genres) -- a penchant for wildly eclectic DJ sets that sees them drop everything from Harry Nilsson to Theo Parrish.

With that in mind, we got Pillow Talk to give us their all-time top ten dancefloor destroyers ahead of their performance at the Electric Pickle this Saturday. Predictably, it boasts everything from classic rock to new wave to deep techno. "There could be 100 different tunes on this list," they exclaimed. "But the songs below have at one time or another really brought out the best in people on the dancefloor."

1. Out Hud's "Put It Away, Put It Away, Put It Away, Dad"
"We're not the biggest fans of long breakdowns and buildups, but this is the absolute exception. We would describe it as mutant disco-punk-funk of the highest order. Pure energy! We miss Out Hud."

2. Ark's  "Sucubz" (Mr. Oizo Remix)
"A good friend made an extended edit of this back when it came out, and it was just the best!"

3. Laidback's "White Horse"
"This Danish synth-pop duo really captured that electro-funk vibe that Prince's Doctor Fink was doing, as well as Bernie Worrell, to name a few. The beat paired with the not-so-subtle lyrics have always been a favorite since childhood."

4. Talking Heads' "This Must Be The Place"
"We have closed out plenty of hometown parties to this New Wave classic. If played at the right time, it can create an everlasting euphoric memory."

5. Cultural Vibe's "Ma Foom Bey"
"This record has been in our bag for close to 12 years."

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