WMC 2012 Expands to 10 Days; Realigns With Ultra Music Festival ... Sort Of

Did Winter Music Conference organizers concede defeat? Not exactly.

The largest US conference devoted to electronic music is expanding to 10 days in 2012. From March 16 to 25, WMC 2012 will take over Miami in what promises to be an endless array of events that combine music, fashion, and, yes, conferences.

That means WMC will once again occur at the same time as Ultra Music Festival, which is scheduled for March 23 to 25.

It seems organizers are finally listening to some of the criticism that has been thrown its way the last few years, mostly that it's losing ground to other national music gatherings like SXSW while its local relevancy has also dwindled.

For the past few years, Ultra and the surrounding parties seemed to have eclipsed WMC, with the week resembling more MTV Spring Break than an actual music conference.

In a press release, co-founder Bill Kelly explained WMC's expansion as "an easy decision given the high demand of artists, businesses and industry delegates. Miami Beach and the greater Miami area boast some of the most celebrated event and club venues as well as the hotels and resorts that comprise South Beach's famed Art Deco District. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops and every sort of possible entertainment venue are filled to capacity during WMC Week to the point where five days just wasn't enough."

In addition to the sanctioned parties and club events (which will supposedly go on for the entire 10-day duration of the conference), WMC will also introduce events like Music Meets Fashion (March 16 and 17) and WMC Rocks (March 23 to 25). We are really excited for WMC Rocks -- not the name, though, that could be changed -- which is being described as "indie rock meets electronica programming."

Badges are now on sale via wintermusicconference.com for $275 (that's an early-bird rate, so don't expect it to last for long) and includes admission to the conference, sanctioned parties, the IDMAs, and more. Only thing missing is the guaranteed admission to Ultra -- which probably means it's not water under the bridge just yet between WMC and UMF.

Still, WMC may have realized that the best way to grow is to embrace the monster it created. Organizers also seem to be willing to take greater risks in adding new programming that will hopefully attract new and possibly younger attendees.

Can we finally ditch the forgettable Miami Music Week name and go back to calling it Winter Music Conference?

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Miami Music Week is here to stay!

MMW2012 has booked the biggest, and best clubs in Miami:www.MiamiMusicWeek.com

It started last year and it's way better than WMC

This is just WMC's last breath - before the collapse 


Long live MMW. Time to step down Wmc.


Honestly I think the decline in popularity was directly linked to having to spend 294.7 hours every year on the internet just to figure out what was going on when and where.  Ultra, (which I'm not a big fan of festival venues) you buy a ticket and go.

For someone like me who lives in South Beach and goes out 3 nights a week; I still for the life of me can't ever figure out what is going on where and the event details WMC.  I think if they make it more accessible (less vague, inaccurate, confusing, and requiring to go to 75 different websites) for people who don't know the scene or city the people will follow. Most DJ's can't even remember to bring a USB cable much less figure this out. 


I've only been attending for the last 2 years but I've done pretty well just by googling "WMC - The List" which has most if not all of the major parties on there by the time the WMC approaches.  Also, if you're on twitter, follow @TranceFamilyMia (I'm a trance nut) and @HouseMusicMiami - between the two of them they are good about keeping everyone abreast of all the major talent and parties in Miami.


I agree that it can be hard to decide what you want to go to and prioritize, but the vast majority of the parties, both official and unofficial, are listed on the wintermusicconference.com/thel... site (or whatever the specific URL is). And you can always just hit the "Winter Music Conference" tag on this blog.


What's the point of spending $300 to go clubbing for a week? I can do this on my own time when it's all less packed

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