NBA Lockout! A Brief History of Players Moonlighting as Rappers, Rockers, and Queens

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Shaq in drag!
Basketball fans are pissed. NBA Commissioner David Stern calls the lockout a "big charade," admitting that the 2011-2012 is in jeopardy because "the union is ratcheting up."

Alex "Rube" Rubin, the YouTube rapper whose "NBA Lockout Anthem" has become a collective battle cry for season ticket holders, argues that "the players are the product" and "deserve as much money as they can get."

Crossfade, however, thinks NBA superstars should seriously consider alternative sources of income, particularly music. After all, music and basketball have a rich history, e.g. Shaq Diesel.

Check out our favorite NBA rappers, rockers, and queens after the jump.


7. Allen Iverson
Iverson's "40 Bars" never had an official release, but it sparked some homophobic controversy. Under the rap name Jewelz, Iverson threatened to shoot dudes who "Come at me with faggot tendencies." Commissioner Stern was not happy that an NBA player would make such horrendous remarks. P.S. We're talking to you, Joakim Noah.

6. Dennis Rodman
The Worm's a self-proclaimed rock 'n' roller, and nothing says rock 'n' fucking roll like a guest vocal spot at a cover band's casino gig. Rodman parties at the Seminole Hard Rock on the reg, oftentimes jumping on stage at Murphy's Law to sing Pearl Jam tunes.

5. Shaquille O'Neal
Shaq's a legendary basketball player, cop, actor, and rapper. If there's a hall of fame for novelty, his fat head's the main exhibit.


4. LeBron James
About a year ago, LeBron was spotted at the House of Blues in Ohio with Drake. Evidently, Drizzy called on LBJ to be his hypeman. And James clearly steals the show.

3. Metta World Peace (AKA Ron Artest)
Dude's a beast on the court and an Auto-Tuned monster in the studio. Though Artest's only dropped one album, My World, dude's always putting out hits. In 2010, he released "Champions", which isn't half bad.

2. Kobe Bryant
He's arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But is he also the greatest rapper in the NBA? Kobe's got an ill flow and Tyra Banks as a fly girl. Homeboy's a boss.

1. Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk's such a Queen.

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