Odd Future Kicked It With Lil Wayne at the Fillmore Miami Beach Last Night

Photo by Ian Witlen
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Odd Future
The Fillmore Miami Beach
Monday, October 31, 2011

Better Than: Biting into an apple and finding a rusty, AIDS-infested razor blade. Or getting an SLR slapped out of your hand by Odd Future's Left Brain.

About 350-or-so days ago, Odd Future was entirely off our radar. We hadn't heard Bastard yet or watched the stomach-turning video for Earl Sweatshirt's "Earl." But then Brooklyn Vegan dropped "French" on its weekly Sirius XMU radio program and we got caught up in OFWGKTA's bizarre web of swag.

We jumped on the think-piece bandwagon, penned a bunch of shit trying to dissect the group, reviewed music videos and documentaries, and even fell victim to one of Tyler's internet trolls. Like so many, we curled up in Odd Future's collective palm.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Last night marked the first time Tyler's gang hit South Florida, playing an intense set at the Fillmore Miami Beach for an almost sold-out crowd. As expected, the Halloween show provided plenty of weird, especially the sideshow opener.

At around 9:30 p.m., several folks in attendance presumably began experiencing what's known as a "bad trip." Set up directly in front of the soundboard, a performance troupe comprised of a few awkward chicks and a weird dude started freak-showing.

Photo by Ian Witlen

First, the bed of nails trick -- one female performer laid flat on her back while the ringmaster crushed a cinder block on her chest. Next, a cute girl with an appetite for electricity ate a light bulb, followed by a Mexican gal deep-throating a balloon. Take into account the dude who drove a condom-covered screwdriver into his nose and the girl who popped out of a box wearing pasties over her nipples, and you've got enough "WTF" to welcome Syd the Kid onto the stage.

Odd Future's DJ Syd is a bone-thin gal with a knack for swag beats. She lubricated the crowd with some Banner, Rick Ross, and even a little dubstep before the rest of her Odd Future cohorts came out to play.

Photo by Ian Witlen

MellowHype -- Odd Future's collective within a collective, starring Hodgy Beats and left Brain -- were first out. Shortly thereafter, Mike G, Jasper, Taco, Domo, Tyler, and other various members off the group's "60 deep" crew were on stage.

Dressed like a "failed attempt" skinhead, Tyler seemed less enthusiastic to be in Miami than the rest of the crew. Earlier in the day, the Odd Future leader tweeted, "Sore as fuck. These shows are killing a nigga." The group had just wrapped up a show in New Orleans at Voodoo Festival. Nevertheless, Tyler did promise he'd give Miami all his energy in a later tweet.

Photo by Ian Witlen

While Tyler's energy was limited, Hodgy Beats controlled most of the show, allowing Tyler to rest behind Syd's elevated DJ booth.

It wasn't until three-quarters through the show that Tyler dove into the crowd, losing his suspenders in the process. However, the highlight of the night might've been the surprise appearance by Lil Wayne.

Photo by Ian Witlen

During "Sandwitches," some dude wearing red pants and a wolf mask danced around the stage, eventually revealing himself to be none other than Weezy. Once again, however, the supplement to Odd Future's catalog proved larger than the music.

Last night was fun. The spectacle that surrounds Odd Future is incredibly entertaining. But the live music left a sour taste in our mouth. The future for these kids is not so much odd, but rather short. The gimmick is starting to fade, but we're happy that we got to see the OFWGKTA crew in action before it's altogether gone.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Kids clinically diagnosed with ADHD, folks who idolize Rob Dydek, and girls in "slutty" costumes.

Overheard: "Swag me out, bitch" -- An 11-year-old Odd Future fan.

Random Dump: Watching the chaos from the balcony was the best decision we've ever made.

Odd Future's Partial Setlist
-"Rolling Papers"
-"Bitch Suck Dick"
-"Under the Influence"
-"Orange Juice"

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Stop hating just a kid living out his dreams, who cares if u think the "hypes" dying down. It obviously wasent made for you.


We weren't able to get closer because Tyler slapped a female photographer the day before in New Orleans. OF poured water and beer on most of the 22 photographers in the photo pit. Following the instance, OF wanted to ban all photographers, but LiveNation was able to sway them to allow a shoot from the soundboard.


Actually Left Brain "slapped" a female photographer, and seeing I was literally two feet behind her he didn't slap her but her camera.  She is just looking for attention but I do think Left Brain is a moron.


How is she "just looking for attention"? She didn't even press charges. Slapping photographers or their expensive cameras they make a living with is just totally uncalled-for and pretty criminal.

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